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What can liberals learn from conservatives after Trump victory

In the beginning of this election season, I asked my neighbor who he was going to support, he said Marco Rubio. I asked him why, he said he can get … Continue reading

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Woke up at 5 AM, got ready and went to friend’s place. We waited for another one to join us, and started driving. I was a little nervous, as I … Continue reading

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One year of Vegan Diet – What did I learn?

What foods I had to quit, what was the toughest part, how did I get my protein, did I become weak, is it good for weight loss? etc… I have … Continue reading

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Globalization and this thing has f**ked us all

Globalization was the big thing. It was supposed to solve all our problems. The overall starvation may have gone down, but we are all addicted to the drugs. We don’t know … Continue reading

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Development Is A Funny Idea

More than ever, the news headlines in India are dominated by the “Development” news. And when they talk about development, it is often about 1) Number of MNCs coming in … Continue reading

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FB Posts, Politics, Ideology and other

In the political space my role is a self-certified journalist for NRI Samay Radio. I like to call myself Radio-Active. I am not here to promote any party or individual. … Continue reading

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Top reasons why people believe God

During my soul searching activity, I looked into myself to understand why people believe in God. After talking to several people, inside my soul (yes, I am turning in to … Continue reading

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Pics from Hawaii..

Don’t forget to read the caption below each pic. Please leave a comment below, which ones you like the most…

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Problems of Smart People ;)

Long time ago there was a kingdom called Bhuddhi. Every person in that kingdom was a smart person. They all had one problem, boredom. Because they were so smart, nothing … Continue reading

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Just thinking out loud…

. When we go to work, we know why we go to work. If the work itself doesn’t excite us, the salary or the possibilities of what else we can … Continue reading

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