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You will be fine

Before any major event in life, one thing bugging your mind… how would this change my life? Same question again and again….before starting the school, college, asking a girl out, study abroad, job, marriage, owning house, becoming a dad (or mom) etc…etc..you get my point by now.

I think the more appropriate question should be, how would I respond to such situations? Either way, there is no answer until you figure it out for yourselves. Even with questions like these and 100s more, you decide to go through such major changes…

because you know that everyone who went that path before are “fine”, or so you were told.

One major “life changing event” I went through recently is to become a dad. So what went through my mind? I had no idea how I would handle a tiny baby, how much responsibility would that add to my irresponsible life, if I need to work 2 jobs, or can I still afford to eat out with my wife etc. Friends and colleagues scared me as much as they can with all their useless advices (I told myself one more time not to listen to them again).  One thought that kept me going

…at some point I will be bored with my life, and I need a major change like having a baby.

I just kept saying to myself that most people in this world had a small baby at some point in their lives. They came through fine with this change. I am not the dumbest of all, so I will figure out a way too.

I guess it is too soon to say how well I am handling the situation. But one interesting thing occurred to me. May be in my own little world, I am pretending to take care of the baby, may be it is the baby who is saving me. She is only 3 months old, but she can wipe all the crap in my convoluted head with one gentle smile. I know I just need to look into her eyes. I know I can do that… I know I will be fine!


One comment on “You will be fine

  1. N. Ravi
    February 14, 2010

    Nice positive article!

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