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Simple Side

What makes you really happy? Something that get bring a Laugh Out LOUD or at least a chuckle from the bottom of your heart…what is it?

Is it riding a sports car or is it winning in Vegas? Is it the $90 jeans or is it a promotion at work? While things that you can buy with money definitely bring happiness, sometimes it is the simplest or even the silliest thing that will bring a moment of pure joy.

My point is that we all have a Material side and a Simple side.

For instance, it could be a note of appreciation from your colleague after you covered for her while she was out sick,  it could be a pat on the back from your friend after you saved his dog from drowning, or it could come when your child looks up to you proudly because you told him how rockets fly into the space.  Everyone is different, so different things makes us happy.

So what are those silly things that made me happy? It wasn’t when India thrashed Pakistan (Cricket), it was when Prasad clean bowled Sohail in Bangalore. I was the proudest citizen of my country at that moment. I was ecstatic punching fist in the air.

It wasn’t the Pink City of Rajasthan, it was that kid on the streets of Pink City who tried several ways to get a rupee out of me. In principle it was not a pretty sight to see a kid begging on the street. But I thought he was a smart kid and I still can’t forget the twinkle in his eye.

It wasn’t the Hall of Fame “Stars” on the Hollywood Blvd, it was watching the real stars in the sky at on a new moon at the Anza Berrego Desert campsite after a day long hike. Not many sights in this world are as beautiful as a clear night sky without the city lights pollution.

While we are talking about watching the sky in the night, it wasn’t the Ocean Drive of Miami South Beach, it was few minutes walk from Ocean Dr, laying down in the sandy beach at 11 in the night, watching the full moon reflect in the ocean… it was probably the best vacation I had with my friends.

Saving the best for last, it wasn’t when I drive a convertible at 90 mph, it was when I stick my head out of the window driving at 50 mph at 11 in the night. The chill air running through the hair, the sense of owning the wide open empty roads in the mysterious night, it was Liberation my friend. Yes, it really made me happy!


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This entry was posted on February 11, 2010 by in Personal.
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