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The War On Terror is a baloney!

Headley was arrested in O’Hare on Oct 3, 09. He was charged on 12 counts including conspiracy to bomb public places in India. This “could send him to the execution chamber”.

Mumbai attacks were the worst terror attacks in India in my life time. Not only for the 166 lives lost, but also for the way multiple attacks were conducted in the financial capital of India. This attacks resembled 9/11 attacks very closely. People in India were terrified and mourned for months, and I don’t think they will forget the cowardly attacks for many more years to come.

Since the US is heading the War On Terror, and spending almost a 1000,000,000,000 USD on its wars due to 9-11 attacks, what response would you expect?

In Jan 2010, Headley pleaded not guilty in the US court. Facing a death sentence, he changed his mind in March 2010, pleaded guilty. “Under sentencing guidelines he could receive a prison term of up to life in prison. But his prison time could be reduced based on the value of his cooperation”. This is what he got for exchange of cooperation with the officials. So….no death penalty plus no life imprisonment? You gotta be kidding me. Whatever happened to the families of all the people who were killed and injured? No solace for them?

What happened to US not negotiating with the terrorists?

This is not even the worst part. India did not get a chance to interrogate Headley until now, even if they got a chance, Indian police would have to come to the US to question Headley. While Indians are happy watching the IPL, and dreaming India would be a super power one day, this is the reality – someone who was involved in killing 166 people in India, and terrorized a billion people, could walk free one day.

Will the Indian Government stand for its people? Or will they be happy with the blame game they mastered?

Disclaimer: The trail is still in progress, and any sentence is still a possibility.

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One comment on “The War On Terror is a baloney!

  1. upardhasaradhi
    May 3, 2011

    Govts in India stopped thinking on their own a long time back. Either Italy, US or courts need to direct the govt what to do. If we aspire to be a power to reckon with in the future, we need to take care of nation’s & our people’s security ourselves.

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