A little personal and a little political

I am sand

I am right next to you, but I still miss you
I know you feel the same, I know that you know I feel the same
Nothing that I can say will make a difference
I already said every word I know, I got nothing new
I am afraid you know what I am

I feel I am dropping down in a well,
While you are watching from the top
As the gap seems bigger, my heart is shrinking smaller
Voices leaving my dry throat are getting into my heavy head
I still got nothing to say, and I am afraid you know what I am

My feelings are temporary, my emotions are made up
I know how to mold my heart, I know how to cheat my head
I can win any debate, but my only wish is we talk first

I take the shape of a heart in your palm, but
I am escaping down with a hint of release
I don’t stick to you like glue, I don’t even soak you like water
I leave nothing behind, I have no attachment
I can’t help it, I am just sand.


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This entry was posted on July 28, 2010 by in English, Personal.
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