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Today’s Freedom Fighters – Uma Shankar IAS

Below was a message I sent to People For Loksatta LA Chapter after meeting Uma Shankar. The Freedom Fight I referred in the Title is The Fight for Freedom from the Corruption.

Quick update on yesterday’s meet with Uma Shankar –

As expected the turn out was low, but I found it very informational and inspiring. There was a huge difference between reading about him in the new papers and listening from him.

We heard about Uma Shankar in last few months, but he has been fighting corruption for the last two decades. In this event, he gave specifcs about how different people approached him to do wrong things, bribe, victimize etc.,  he shared the story about the “secret” manual that protects corrupt politicians who are at executive level, and he
gave a starting point/biggest pain to be addressed to fight against corruption

Secret Manual: Of many things, he said this manual has guidelines on how to distinguish between different types of public servants and how to ‘treat” them differently (this is against Supreme Court ruling).
How politicians handle public servants:

  1. They call a corrupt officer, inform him that he was charged in a100 crore scam (or whatever it is), take 50% from him and clear his name.
  2. Take 50%, and move him to a position to do more dirty work, that an honest officer refused to do. If he doesn’t agree, put him in the jail for the corruption he did before.
  3. Victimize the honest officer. Transfer him many times to useless positions, and do not give promotion for life.

The message he was trying to convey was the importance of fight against the corruption. He specified some guidelines towards System Fault and Remedies. According to him, the starting point should be separating political influence on Police and ACB. His current fight in the Chennai High Court, if he wins, will make the secret manual
illegal, and ACB will be able to file FIR, arrest ministers without permission from cheif ministers.

His message for Indians in other states is to fight against such secret manuals in Supreme Court. His message for NRIs is to support such cause.

After listening to him, it seems to me that the political corruption is much more organized than what I thought. So our fight against corruption should also be well organized.


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