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Start or Done?

I red the Cult of Done manifesto one more time. I still don’t know whether my interpretation of it is correct or not. But I like the idea of DONE. Especially when they use words like MACHINE and MANIFESTO. I think if someone told me about a ‘Done Machine with a Manifesto’ when I was five, I would probably want to be that when I grew up.

I still wish I can be the Done Machine. But let’s take a step back. Done is just one state of work. There are two other important states – Start and Doing. You Start something, you do something and you complete(Done) something. Since inspiration comes standard with me, starting is not a problem (As there are many books on Start, I think it doesn’t come standard for everyone). But most of the things I start don’t get done (I don’t know if I will publish this, but if someone is reading, I guess I am done). I loose interest too fast, like how a light fuse goes off.

For me, if it is not 100% done, it is zero percent done. This is probably my main obstruction towards done. Most recent example is my weight loss project. My goal was to loose ten pounds. Right when I lost about eight, I moved the target to 15 lbs. By the time I lost 12, I moved it to 20. Eventually my target became 30 lbs, and I gave up after loosing 25 lbs. Even though I got done few times, I never really reached the goal. I guess I should be glad for loosing 25 lbs ( well I put back 5 lbs now, so it is only 20).

So as easy as the inspiration comes to me, I also get disappointed when I am not done. This means I stop Starting so I don’t get disappointed, or I Start even more often, so the total times I get done is more. I am probably somewhere between. But I need to take the latter path more often.


Cult of Done Manifesto


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