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Anna Hazare breaks fast; Govt agrees to demands (What did we WIN?)

We wanted Jan Lokpal Bill, did we get it?
We wanted corruption free India, did we get it?
We wanted the corrupt to go to the jail, did we get it?
We wanted our money back from swiss banks, did we get it?

For an analogy, this is like Sachin hitting a century, India hitting 150 runs in a powerplay. It’s time to have a mini celebration, but we did not WIN yet.

We want YES for all the above questions.

In the fight against corruption, this is a HUGE milestone. Where stubburn government came down to listen to the common people’s call. It is common to have the euphoria, but let’s not take our eyes of the call, we still need to catch the ball that is hit high in the air.

We have made great efforts to poll people and planned events across the world, let us continue with them. Let’s remind ourseleves the job not done yet. Let’s gather and discuss what happened so far, and what needs to be done.

“Awake, arise and stop not till the desired end is reached” – Swami Vivekanand


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This entry was posted on April 8, 2011 by in Corruption (Anti), English, India, Politics.
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