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Dirty Politics: Bin Laden & Kasab

While one got a sudden death, and his body thrown into oceans (after proper rituals), the other is kept safe for over 2 years, with the tax money of the victims families.

US spent billions of dollars to capture/kill Osama Bin Laden, who was a mass murdered. US fought its own internal battles while they pursued this painful process. When they got the man they wanted, it only took a moment to end his life. His body thrown into ocean, so end of discussion. This might have a long term impact, but this is cleanly done. There are no trails, no protests, no nothing. JOB DONE.

In contrast, what is happening with the cold-blooded killer, Kasab, who attacked the biggest city of India, killed many people with millions watching horrific scenes on TV. The incident remainded WTC 9-11 in many ways.India got their man over 2 years ago, and spent about 31 crores so far to keep him safe in the jail. Not only this man has no regret to what he did, but he keeps making fun of Judges and India, trail after trail.

Why is this important? Obama said to the families of 9-11 victims..”Justice has been done”. Do we need to wait 10 years from Indian PM to say that? If this is not a political game by the congress party, then what is it?

How serious is US on Mumbai attacks? War On Terror is a Baloney


3 comments on “Dirty Politics: Bin Laden & Kasab

  1. upardhasaradhi
    May 3, 2011

    Govts in India stopped thinking on their own a long time back. Either Italy, US or courts need to direct the govt what to do. If we aspire to be a power to reckon with in the future, we need to take care of nation’s & our people’s security ourselves.

  2. Vishal Kudchadkar
    May 3, 2011

    you are comparing oranges and apples … a fairer comparison would be Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Kasab … both were captured ALIVE … both are in prison … tons of money has been spent on both on their prison security … the difference, Kasab has been tried and convicted. this is what democratic countries do, be it India or US!

  3. atluris
    May 3, 2011

    I am it is not a straight comparison, but the point of the article is to show the difference in approach towards Bin Laden and Kasab.

    Also, the problems in Kasab’s case are 1)the length of the trail, 2) cost of the trail 3) pain for the public. No one should suffer in jail waiting for the judgement, but at least for high profiles cases like these, we should have a faster process, so we can avoid flight hijacks and end up releasing criminals

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