A little personal and a little political

People’s movement is Democracy.

If unelected people want to twist arms of the govt to pass a bill to end corruption, why is it so wrong? Jan Lokpal bill was written by well-educated and social activists. It was revised over a dozen times taking inputs from various sources. Even if Jan Lokpal bill is not perfect, no one has a doubt that it is much better than current situation.

What if it is left to parliament to pass “any” Lokpal bill? Lokpal bill was introduced in parliament first in 1969. It was introduced several times after that, but obviously never passed? Since then corruption has passed through the deep veins of India system. Do you think our MPs will pass this bill in next 40 years?

Going back to the original question about arm twisting or some might call it black-mailing, the concern is that Anna Hazare is try over throw democracy and setting up a bad precedence. I think the first step is to understand that our democracy is not perfect.

One of THE wanna be PM used a cheap scare tactic saying that the next people’s movement may not be for such a noble cause. He said we should protect our democracy. I think Anna Hazare movement is the best thing happened for democracy. Our politicians got used to taking “demo” for a free ride for 5 years after getting elected. It reminds the need for a right to recall, need for public referendum  and need for reforms in electoral process.

Our democracy allows 26 MLAs to resign threatening overthrowing AP state government. This is just to protect one of the most corrupt politician India has ever seen. Our democracy allows politicians to resign their MP seat over and over only to cost crores of tax payers money. Our democracy allows Suresh Kalmadi and his friends to continue as an MP from siting in a jail.

Is this the democracy we should protect? Is this the democracy Anna is trying to over throw? I hope he sits for a fast again to bring changes to our Demo-cracy.


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This entry was posted on August 26, 2011 by in Corruption (Anti), English, History, India, Politics.
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