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Travel Blog; Back to North East – 1

When I came to USA, I landed in New Jersey, where I completed MS, and got my first job. It was a great feeling that I lived right next to the best city in the world, New York City. I moved to California over seven years ago, and now that’s what I call my home.

Long over due, we decided to take our vacation and visit North East to cover several places (Boston, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC, Vermont). I took a lot of pictures during this trip. Instead of taking my SLR, I decided to take them with my mobile phone. Below are the first part of the pictures. I will post more in few days.

I think now you know that I like b/w and sepia pictures more than colored ones. Let me know which picture you liked the most by leaving a comment.

On the way to Boston, we had a layover stop in New Jersey. We took a red-eye flight, and reached to NJ around 5:30 AM. Flight to Boston was around 8:30 AM. Around 6:30 AM, Sun just came up.

We visited MIT (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) in Boston. It is about 175 years old University. I thought this was very old until we visited the next University, just down the street...

Then we visited Harvard. It was 375 years old. What you see in the picture is a Church, where students get married, among other services

My daughter riding a lion in Harvard University. You see a lot of old buildings and sculptures like these across the campus. Now I can say I went to MIT and Harvard 🙂

Prudential Towers, tallest in Boston. We wanted to go up the tower to get a good view of Boston, but it observatory was closed due to a private event

Driving from Boston, this is the first view of New York City (Manhattan). I was back in New York City after more than 7 years. Last time I was in the City, I was a bachelor, now I am married and also a dad!

This was the exit I missed, but it did not cost me much, as I reached my hotel in 10 minutes. I am proud of my driving in New York City :). Manhattan is the area where most of the New York's skyscrapers are located.

This is one of the NY's rickshaw stand. Yes rickshaw stand, not more than that or less. Unlike in India, people pulling rickshaw here are stronger than people riding them.

You can see America's fascination for biggest/largest/tallest etc here. This store is more than a million square ft in area. This has been the biggest store for more than a century. Now over taken by a store in South Korea

This picture was taken from the top of the Empire State Building. It was the world's tallest building for 40 years, since 1931 until World Trade Center's built in 1972. I like this building, because it was built during the Great Depression time, which created employment for many. If you see carefully on the bottom right of this picture, you see a small red square. You saw that in the previous picture.

This is Times Square, American's consider this as the Center of the Universe. This place is also known for being alive 24/7, 365 days. The multi stored high TV screens are billboards for advertisers. The place is also popular for the New Years celebrations, where millions gather to see the "ball drop".

For me the best attraction of New York, or the world's 8th wonder is NY's subway system (or entire NY under ground system). This was built about 80 years ago, and still the biggest under ground train system. Subway brings the richest and the poorest of NY together, carrying 100,000s everyday. You can see tunnels, bridges, restaurants, barber shops, grocery shops etc etc here.

At this place, about 10 years ago the World Trade Center was attacked. Now there is a memorial (we couldn't get into because they were out of passes), and this 105 storied building in construction. This is going to be the tallest in the USA. It is called the Freedom Tower

Everytime I saw a plane flying on top of New York, it reminded me of Sept 11 incident.

Here is the link to the second and final part of my vacation pictures


3 comments on “Travel Blog; Back to North East – 1

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  2. Ambika
    October 18, 2011

    Awesome Pics..captivating description…Times Square – the center of the universe ..:))

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