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Travel Blog; Back to North East – 2

This is the second and final part. You can see the first part here

As you can see, we are still in New York.

Statue of Liberty, one of the symbols of America. It is on a very small island in between New York and New Jersey. It was gifted by French to America. During early 1900s, there was a huge migration of people from Europe to America. As their ships reached the shores of America, this was the first thing they saw. This statue gave hope and sense of freedom for them

New York Stock Exchange, I really wanted to see this because I never got chance to visit this when I was in NJ. Since I work in financial industry, it made more sense to me to visit NYSE. NYSE defined the financial situation of not only American, but many countries. This is on Wall Street in NY. Wall Street guys are supposed to be bad guys, where they only care about the increase of their stock prices and don't have social responsibility.

From NY, we moved to Delaware for night stay and to DC next day. DC is the capital of USA, obviously filled with politicians. You see a senator (MP) getting a photo op with some war veterans. Unlike in India, there was absolutely no security around him, just one photographer.

You see Washington Monument, the tallest in Washington DC from Lincoln monument. This is the view Lincoln see everyday. It must be boring (or it must be frustrating as it looks like a finger) . Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House, Capitol Hill, all of these and many more are almost next to each other. Makes it very easy for visitors like us 🙂

From my childhood I remember reading about Lincoln as a poor child who grew up into becoming the President of America. He led America during one of it's toughest periods, the Civil War. He kept the union of the country and led the end of slavery. He was assassinated. You hear his name from the current President Obama several times.

This is Capitol Hill, similar to our Parliament building. Most people (including me) confuse this with the White House, probably because of the popularity of the White House. White House actually is a not as big a building as many think. My mother-in-law, when she saw the White House said, "this is it"? LOL. I didn

From DC, we started driving to Vermont, about 600 mile drive in single day. On the way, we passed several states, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. As mentioned before New Jersey is where I landed in US first. drove through the same freeway I used to take from my home to my work place. In the picture, you see a distant sign "SHARP", that's where I worked. At the time I took the picture, it was around 3:30 PM, and I still had about 300 miles of drive, so I didn't want to stop to take the picture.

Vermont is an amazing place. Lot of mountains, trees (just started turning from greenery to yellow/orange/red) and lakes. This picture was taken in the afternoon, but I wanted to make it look like it was moonlight reflecting in lake, so I made it black and white. That was my wife, probably looking for her golden bracelet she lost. Fortunately we drove back to the previous place we visited, and it was still laying in the parking lot... I know, it was unbelievable.

You would think this is some kind of a fort, this is just a Farm house, called Shelburne Farms. The farm was in 3800 acres. We paid $8 each to see cows, donkeys, hens, pigs etc (we could have seen them all for free in India ..lol). But the place is amazing as you will see in the next pictures.

My wife took this picture. She said "the future politician is checking email all the time". I think I balanced well between emails and enjoying the vacation. I think my wife would disagree.

We had a similar picture with Grand Canyon as the background. So my wife forced her brother and his wife to pose for this picture like this. The lake you see in the background is Lake Champlain. You will see it's beauty in the next pic.

On the final evening of our tour in Vermont, we rushed to Lake Champlain to see the Sunset. We missed Sun setting down, but the views were still jaw dropping. The time was around 6:30 PM. There was couples sitting on the old styled swings watching the Sunset. For this picture I put "Vintage" as the setting in my mobile phone. I took some more pictures with different settings, they were all amazing, I couldn't decide which one is the best. Leave a comment if you would like me to email you those pics.

One more the attractions we did not want to miss in this trip is Fall Foliage (fall colors). Vermont is one of the best places in US to watch this. Around October (the fall season) leaves turn into yellow, orange and red, before they fall off. The color change happens only in a week or two before leaves drop, and trees looks ugly (like a ghost town). The final day on our way back to Boston is when we saw the best falls colors. I took this picture while I was driving at 70 mph, and when it was getting dark.

On the last day of our trip, I met with one of my friends, who walked all 240 miles in Dandi March II with me, Srinivas Nandiwada. He told me that he just came from running a half marathon in the morning. Also met his brothers family and his mom. We had a great time. He still has same passion, and similar ideas, should talk to him more often.

You can read a little about him here

Crazies of Dandi March II: The short businessman

This was on our flight back to Los Angeles. The curtain you see divide the economy section from the first class section. For me it looks like a remainder that people in economy are at a lower level than the first class people. Otherwise I don't see any other purpose for these curtains. In fact there used to be much thicker curtains, which are completely shut. I think the first class people are not that sensitive to economy people anymore. Sorry to end my vacation pictures with this negative one, but I was in a way glad I got this picture, as I can use this for my next blog, which I am still writing.


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