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My thoughts on AP state division

I think AP should be divided into two states. The state is too populated, and hard to manage. Too many central and state level programs, but due to the size, the benefits don’t trickle down to the bottom. While the current problem are due to the build up of issues from several years because of politicians not working for people, unfortunately instead of inclusion and a win-win strategy, politicians made the movement focused on how Andhra robbed Telangana. I think, if divided, Seemandhra would have a benefit due to the new development (Capital city etc).


  1. Based on the studies done so far, all three regions of AP should be communicated the reasons for separation, and their concerns like river water distribution must be addressed.
  2. Rayalaseema people’s concerns must be addressed, and they should be not taken for granted.
  3. Poorest and driest areas of all regions of AP should get development packages.
  4. People who settled from Seemandhra in Telangana must be given job and personal security so they feel safe through the transition. Either the jobs must be kept, or the jobs must be transferred to Seemandhra. Option should be given to the individuals.
  5. The jobs misallocated due to improper implementation of various G.O.s should be remedied to do justice to the Telangana people.
  6. Water projects should be built in Telangana so its’ irrigation lands get water.
  7. Seemandhra should have a package for developing the capital city. The capital city should be accessible to all regions, so Vizag is not the best option. A town should be chosen as the capital, instead of a big city.

If the state is not divided, above points 3, 5 and 6 must still be applied. The reasons for keeping the state together and the reasons Telangana people wanted to separate must be communicated. Telangana cultural should be duly recognized, including their festivals and freedom movements.


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