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My 2012 resolution – Stop worlds from colliding

Like the rest, I have different worlds. For the most part of 2011, my worlds collided badly. Fortunately they are all in a good shape. So my resolution is to keep the worlds apart. Below are my worlds and how I will stop them form colliding.

Best part of this article is this clip from Seinfeld. Whether you read below or not, you will enjoy this video. You will understand the “worlds” concept after watching this clip.

Personal Take care of the health, surya namaskaram in the morning, stretching at work and walking during the lunch time. Get as fit as needed to run a marathon. The goal is to be fit for several years so I can play with my kids. I don’t want anymore back-pain or Achilles aches.

Family Quality time (మనసా వాఛా కర్మేణ) with the family by allocating specific time to the internet, phone calls and weekend events (“protests”). I don’t want to think about corruption in India while talking to my wife, or about some other problem while playing with my kid. I don’t want to keep forgetting to close the garage door .

Work No more social networking at work, may be ok at the lunch time. It is not fair to post anti-corruption related stuff on facebook by being unethical to the work place. I should focus the energy on making my team members lives happier (at work), and be more proactive to the client needs.

Social I was involved in too many things in 2011, not justifying most of them. I want to cut down several things so I am focused and do justice to at least one. My goal is to bring real change in at least one cause.


2 comments on “My 2012 resolution – Stop worlds from colliding

  1. nagendra
    December 29, 2011

    ha ha Nice video and nice resolutions. may be I can just copy paste for myself !!

  2. atluri77
    December 30, 2011

    Good dession.

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