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Farm Chickens Don’t Question

We spent all the childhood weight-lifting the school bags, waking up to alarm to read through the pages and pages of non-sense, hopping through public exams…all because we can be well educated, so we end up with a great job, and have a good life. But I think there’s something wrong with our education. It looks like we are leading towards a world full of chicken farms, and these farms are not pretty.

If you are someone like me, working in the service industry, very likely you will end up in a cubicle at the work place. A very small place with 3.5 walls surrounding you, with enough space to enter and exit that area. The only purpose of that area is, to get most production out of you.  A large computer monitor is setup in front of you, so you can’t focus on anything else. Yes, sure you can talk to your colleagues, go to conference rooms or the break room once in a while, but predominantly you will be sitting in that boxed area called cubicle, watching the computer monitor (just like you are doing now) throughout the day, day after day, year after year. The big bosses give you ergonomically chairs, so you work for more years and they can get more out of you.


This is a very similar phenomenon we all know. That is the chicken farms. Chickens are put in a small area and they are feed a lot. There is no place for them to move or do anything else for that matter. Their purpose is to lay more and more eggs. They eat there, they crap and they lay eggs. They don’t ask any questions. They don’t care where the eggs go, or who eats them.


Just like these chickens, we end up working for big companies like Bank Of America, Starbucks, Exxon, Reliance, Monsanto, Halliburton etc without asking any questions, or knowing what exactly they are doing. We all know many of the big companies exploit conditions and indulge in unethical behaviors. We see such news in the media every night, and then we go back to the cubicles next morning again. Cubicles… from where the adoration our favorite movie stars (somehow same caste heros) happens, where derogatory looks towards female workers happen, and where dirty office back-stabbing politics happen because the other guy/girl is not from our region. All these for our paychecks and families, right??? Surrrreeee…..

From the boxes at the hen farms (work), we get into different kind of mobile box, called a car. We end up sitting in millions of poisonous gas emitting mobile boxes for hours in the traffic so we get to our next box, home. Well, it’s actually not a box exactly, but when you look at these humongous apartment buildings from a distance they all look like a piled up boxes, may be like chicken farms, or ant holes if you are looking at even further distance. And, what do we do at our homes…look into other boxes, TVs or laptops.

Well, there are positives, right? We, the educated people are more civilized than the un-educated people aren’t we? Not completely sure. Why do the educated people screw up the place where we live, and leave just a dust bin for future? For example, imagine the amount of e-waste (Computers, TVs, cell phones, washing machines etc). They are piling up tons of mountains all across the world. Why is there so much illegal mining going on, potentially leading to drying up the river sources (bauxite, sand mining). Why is such brutality and intolerance towards woman gender that we see so many rape cases from some of the upscale places like Gurgaon (New Delhi)? I think one of the main differences between chickens and us is, we have a much thicker skull that that we don’t even seem to be bothered by lakhs of suicides of the farmers who produce the food we eat.

While we live like chickens, we have skin like buffalo. Our skin is so thick, that we don’t mind taking beatings from the corrupt politicians, officials, street thugs, and anyone who talk a little loud. Yet, no one asks questions. Of course sometimes, whoever ask questions gets killed, just so, rest of the educated people like us keep our mouths shut. Forget about them, we are even afraid to question our (public) servants, doctors, bank tellers, MRO officers etc. Because we are taught in the our school not to question. Not always the poor uneducated people know how to shut their mouth. For example, when the big bosses tell them to vacate their tribal areas, so they can exploit the mines, they revolt, and get killed in encounters. Only if they had education, like the rest of us, they would know how lay eggs and not ask questions.


7 comments on “Farm Chickens Don’t Question

  1. Chandra Vikash
    March 24, 2012

    So, you mean to say that IT companies like Infosys are not “chop shops” as a US Senator called them, but are chicken farms.

    We seem to have come a long way since George Orwell wrote the Animal Farm in 1945. You say that our world is headed towards becoming a battery chicken farm…

    …headless chickens, anyone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • atluris
      March 24, 2012

      ahh…I forgot about Infosys..I will mention it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. rajmverma
    May 13, 2012

    Though I have some qualms on couple of points you raised, you’ve articulated it quite well… very nice…

    • atluris
      May 13, 2012

      Thank you. I know generalization is one issue with my article. I would like to know more of your opinion.

      • rajmverma
        May 14, 2012

        >> Why is there so much illegal mining going on, potentially leading to drying up the river sources (bauxite, sand mining)

        legal or illegal, the humanity is bound to mine the planet for a better standard of living… I mean, for those who don’t have a house, they need limestone, iron, copper, sand and gravel… for those who want to have a vehicle (cycle/bike/car), then need iron, rubber, plastic… for those who need to have a decent cot, table and chairs, they need wood and cotton… and, there are billions of people who crave for these basic amenities… we can’t wish away their right to have these… if we think this humongous mining is going to create a grave problem for the future generations, then let’s reduce the future generations by conceiving lesser babies… it can’t get any simpler… of course, there are other solutions too…


  3. shovonc
    January 5, 2013

    You should read more Dilbert.

    • atluris
      January 5, 2013

      I do, a little, and I see the humor ๐Ÿ™‚

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