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Why this Indian government should go, and why now?

We have seen the biggest scams ever in this government, while that is a big reason for this government to go, I had told myself all of it was probably because the scams were not uncovered in the earlier governments. We also told ourselves, it’s ok because we still have the PM with highest integrity.

But our government seems to be in a all time low, by being cornered by just about everyone, the UPA friends, the opposition, the Supreme Court, the Army, the IAC and the common people. Like if it is not enough that one family is driving the show, now the Bengal tigress seems to have the control of the wheel. She decides the budget, and decides who should or who should not stay in the government (that sounds like PM’s job).

We have seen our prime minister go defensive several times in last one year. First we heard him give his weak defense to his non-action on the corrupt ministers by blaming the coalition-dharma. Then we saw the weaker defense when he blamed the imaginary foreign-money in the Kundankulam case, and now recently the worst, trying to defend the “unauthorized” army movement, and the panic in the capital city. Even if the Indian Express story is not true, these stories will worsen the peoples confidence on the government. I also strongly believe whoever responsible for this mess, whether it be the army or press or someone else, must be punished.

These days it is hard to miss the newspaper without reading the headlines about another defeat for the government either in the parliament or in the court or in the public. While we all love India, and want to support our country to be the best in the world, it is deeply worrying where we are heading. It is hard not to wonder whether this government is strong enough to protect the interests of the weakest and the poorest.

So forget about the bad neighbors, forget about the mighty corrupt, forget about the internal and external terrorism, because we had all these since our independence, the biggest worry might be the weakest leadership. It makes me wonder whether a weak leader is better than a corrupt one.

While I wish for a new leadership, it is terrifying to know that the potential alternatives are just as good as the hyenas waiting for their turn to what ever is remaining, and while I am not looking forward to the most expensive elections, with billions of rupees (or dollars) flow from the contestants, I can’t stand this government anymore. I want out.Image


6 comments on “Why this Indian government should go, and why now?

  1. ivnacharya
    April 6, 2012

    People have lost their faith in this present Government.
    1.Many Scams—–Spectrum 2 G like.
    2.This Government is unable to deal with the issues firmly.
    3. Ditto to settle the issues independently.
    4. Same to act quickly.
    5. ” to contradict the false statements soon.
    8 ” to stick on to the democratic norms.

  2. atluris
    April 6, 2012

    Good points. Thanks for sharing!

  3. radhesh
    April 7, 2012

    Ayya Mr Srihari…
    Answer few straight questions..as you talk so much about corruption blah blah..

    1. Didn’t you put fake resume to get IT job in USA?
    2. cheated american system for coming to usa? (fake financial documents to convince for visa )
    3. When most of the loksatta presidents own IT consultancies in USA cheating IRS and immigration laws in USA.. (take for example Houston LSP…does the couple own a consultancy breaking the same laws?)

    LSP and its members are biggest hyppocrites..first clean your house and talk to others..

  4. atluris
    April 7, 2012

    Radhesh, thanks for raising good points.

    1. My first job in US is an an intern using my OPT, and I showed no experience on my resume – No, I didn’t fake.
    2. I didn’t cheat american system to come to USA, I had real financial statements. I showed all my fathers assets, and some of our relatives assets, got their paperwork and their promissory notes supporting my studies.
    3. I don’t know about Houston guys, if you show me some evidence, I will be happy to put it on my blog.

    Living a wrong life is different from making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Here is an article I wrote admitting that I made mistakes of my own. https://atluris.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/shortcut-nation-contemporary-culture/

    We both are agreeing the system is corrupt, the difference is, I am saying we need to fix it, and willing to be part of the solution. You seem to be enjoying the problem.

    This article has nothing to do with LSP, still you chose to go after my personally and LSP. Fine.

    About LSP…I support it, just the way I support a very large number of other organizations, IAC, RTI-A, NRI Samay, Lokpal Awards etc. For all of these organization I am a member or a POC for a region. For LSP or PFL, I am neither a member, nor I have a position. You seem to think I have a bigger role in these organizations.

    I support LSP, because I believe it is better than other parties at this moment. If tomorrow a better alternative comes up, I will support them too. In contrary to the other orgs I support, I actually criticize LSP more than I support. You just read my other article about LSP where I criticized about several of their approaches. You don’t need to search, I haven’t written any articles supporting LSP.

    You can also read this article, where I am trying to build, by posting position on various important issues…https://atluris.wordpress.com/my-position-on/. Both on TG and FDI, my stand is against LSP’s stand.

  5. Radhesh
    April 7, 2012

    So you never worked for IT consultancy? I leave it to you whether what IT consultancy does..

    how many of same LSP or your radio viewers cheat the american system but talk for hours about good regulations and punishing people cheating system…
    there are no colors in corruption …

    ask your viewers whether cheating american system with fake resumes is not same as politicians cheating indian system ..
    both for money

    • atluris
      April 7, 2012

      I don’t want to ask whether you cheated in the ways you are mentioning, because it doesn’t matter. We know there is corruption at individual level, and we can either do something about it, or not. Why don’t you also add what you are suggesting we should do.

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