A little personal and a little political

Once upon a time a guard named Manmohan ….

Once upon a time there was a resident colony in a small town called Anandpuram, India. Residents of that colony worked hard all day and slept well during the night. After some minor thefts, they appointed a security guard for patrolling during the night. His name was Manmohan. He came with good references, they said Manmohan never steals. All the colony people were very happy.

Since then, after coming home, the colony residents started sleeping early with peaceful mind. Manmohan after noticing this got a bad idea. He hired a bunch of burglars. Opened the gates for them when they came. He watched them loot house after house, night after night. Unfortunately, the residents were in a such deep sleep, that they wouldn’t wake up even when the theft was happening right next to them.

Soon the colony people realized that their hard-earned money was gone. They caught Manmohan and demanded for explanation. First he made a promise on his mother and kids saying he was innocent. Residents were not happy with that explanation.

Then he took out a paper from his pocket, which shocked everyone. The residents helplessly looked at each other and left silently. That paper was a 5 year contract. They couldn’t fire him for 5 years. They tried to complain to the police, but the police said only the security guard was allowed to file a complaint to them.

Soon they got used to burglars looting their hard-earned money. Some residents found happiness that at least they know Manmohan would never steal.

They lived happily ever after (waiting for the end of the contract).


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This entry was posted on May 31, 2012 by in Corruption (Anti), Elections, English, India, Politics.
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