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The Success of the perpetrator

One of my favorite English movies is The Ten Commandments. In the second half of the movie, Moses (played by Charles Heston) leads the people from the corrupt empire to a distant land. Then he goes to a mountain to meet with the God to ask about the direction for the people. In the meantime Dathan, who had waited for his chance to become the ruler of the people takes over completely, by making the people weak with easy money, booze and open orgy. I didn’t like that part of the movie, as I didn’t feel it was realistic that such mass population, who were God-fearing and hardworking until then will just indulge in such lousy behavior forgetting what is right and what is wrong. Unfortunately, now I think it is possible, actually it is happening in the state where I came from.

What is happening in Andhra Pradesh (AP), India is an epic for ages. We may not see this in our lives again. This is like a rare Solar eclipse for which scientists await decades. The perpetrators are convincing the people that it is perfectly fine to loot others money as long as they get a small share in one way or the other.

They are so successful that now, if a person/politician does a bad thing, people say it is ok, because everybody is doing it. If a person does a good thing, then people say that he probably has an evil plan behind it or  a political motive. Across the world, we see such language from the opposition, but in AP the common people are doing it

The perpetrators  created such a noise that, even if someone is playing melody, it will still come out as disturbance. People started saying who is not corrupt? Your caste leader can loot but my caste leader can’t? He looted the most because he is the smartest; he is good because he invested all the money back in the country. The first thing they will ask you is, “so you never did any mistake in your life?” They never answer the charges, their defense is mudslinging, and their strategy is to say it again and again until people starts believing it.

In a different favorite English movie (yes, I have a lot of fav movies), Usual suspects (1995), Verbal (played by Kevin Spacey) says “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” I think the greatest success of the devil was to blur the distinction between good and bad. To make people believe that there is no good left in the world. To make the good people believe in devil and make them its slaves.

In the Ten Commandments movie, Moses comes back with the word of the God. Then people recognize the mistake they have done. I am sure the same will happen to the people in AP.

I intentionally did not mention the name of the perpetrator here…because the devil played such a number on the people, that the two groups think the other is the devil. That is the success of the perpetrator.


One comment on “The Success of the perpetrator

  1. Sreekanth
    June 19, 2012

    Wah!! What a narration! Microblogging seems to have played a great role in this “make belive the bad” theory. While good people are staying quiet fearing the bad majority….bad people are at loose to convince people that bad is the only way to survive in this world…All we can do is atleast if we feel something is good…just keep doing it without these make believe theories. Love this article!! Well written Sri!!!

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