A little personal and a little political

What can you say …???

One of the senior members at work place, who sits four cubicles away from me is generally reserved. That evening about 3 weeks ago, he joined the rest of us at my cubicle for the end of the day fun discussion. He looked joyful. I have known him for about 5 years.

Next day I didn’t notice that he wasn’t at his desk, until someone told me the terrible news. His teenage daughter passed away in a grave car accident on the freeway. I remember him talking about his daughter several times. He loved her and talked to me about her health concerns few times.

I think this is the worst someone can experience. Having a grown up child passing away in a road accident. I just can’t imagine how he dealt with such a tragedy. He was back after two weeks. I asked him the same, how he was dealing with it. He said, he doesn’t believe it happened. I just told him I am sorry for his loss. I also told him that I don’t know what else to say. He said he doesn’t know what to say either.

Today afternoon when I was in the San Deigo Zoo, I received a call from a different senior teammates. He sits in my next cubicle. He was trying to tell me something. But since it was noisy at the zoo, I asked him to speak up. He told me his father passed away in India. I felt horrible to make him say that bad news loudly. Again, I said sorry for his loss, and asked him to call me if I can help with anything.

I feel life is so fragile, anyone can go anytime. We put so much value to the life, I sometimes doubt if it is worth. Then other question I have is, what do you say when someone close to you goes through such a life changing event? You know that you can’t say ANYTHING, that will make things even a pinch better for them.


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