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I think my wife turned into a monster

Since my elder daughter was born about 3 years ago I started suspecting that my wife has super natural powers. But since my 2nd one is born a couple of weeks ago, I am almost sure she is either possessed or she turned into a monster.

Here is my first suspicion: She never seems to sleep. I go to bed late, she is awake. When I awake in the morning she is awake. When I wake up in the middle of the night, she is awake, most of the time feeding the little one. Do you think humans can do that?

Second suspicion: She is always working. Since the delivery, she is on a break from the office. But she is not on a break from work. She always seem to be cleaning, cooking, taking care of the small one, or taking care of the elder one. I don’t know if humans can work like that.

Third suspicion: I am always eating, especially when I am at my home. But I don’t see her much interested in food. I think she only eats for the small baby. Otherwise, I don’t think she needs any food.

My confirmation: She is always clam and pleasant to be around. How is it possible for someone who doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, always working, and taking care of others to be pleasant all the time????

God, please save my wife and turn her into human again.


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This entry was posted on July 26, 2012 by in English, Fantasy, Memories, Personal.
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