A little personal and a little political

The invisible ‘coal’ition

Just the way we don’t often see fish from above the sea water, corruption at high level doesn’t surface much. But when it surfaces because of a brave journalist or an officer or an organization, this is how it goes – The opposition makes so much noise, the ruling party yells back loudly, and media plays all the side kick gossip stories as headlines. By the end of it, people are tired and forget where it began. In that yelling, everything is said, but nothing is done. When Congress loot BJP protects, when BJP loot congress protects, often by setting up some mock protests in the states Assembly and in the Parliament.

Corruption doesn’t discriminate between parties or castes or regions. We have seen several examples where both BJP and Congress colluded to loot country’s property. Gali Janardhan is from BJP who colluded with YSR and YS Jagan of (then) Congress to dig up the mines illegally. There were rumors that kicks backs went all the way to the top of the two parties. We have heard in Radia tapes how corporate lobbyists are controlling the govt policy, we have heard how BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu requested the concessions to be continued for the gas companies (beneficiary Reliance) from the Parliament floor. We have seen how BJP kept quite for years until CAG reported the losses on 2G spectrum and coal block allocation.  In Arun Shourie’s words – “I don’t see the difference between the two. I feel they are one party. They are jointly ruling. It is a dinner party. They meet at dinners. They meet socially. They decide on what has to be done about issues.”

For us to believe that the Coal gate blame game by BJP and Congress is not a total drama to protect each other from CAG, SC and others, at the end of the episode, this is what we want to see for all the public time and money these parties are wasting: 1) BJP should see PM resign on prima facie 2) BJP will remove Shivraj Singh Chauhan and others who recommended coal block allocation without auction 3) Cancellation of the coal block allocations 4) Imposing windfall taxes on the beneficiaries 5) Start legal proceedings 6) Auction all future allocations 7) Revisit licence raj permits.

BJP and Congress are like two luxury cars for a rich CEO. It doesn’t matter which car the CEO drives, they will take him/her to where he/she wants to go.


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