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My favs, and why I didn’t like some teachers.

Tempted to write something about childhood teachers…unfortunately I didn’t like most of the teachers I had. I felt most of them enjoyed some kids trying to impress them for an extra mark, and I felt they give super extra attention to the kids who always came first. I liked very few teachers…

In Gandhi Centenary High School Kakinada, one of the teachers I liked was the Telugu teacher, Venkata Ramana sir from 6th class. He encouraged me to go up on the stage in the school assembly and read out a poem. Until then only the kids who came first went up to the stage and did anything. When I went up there, I could hear my own resound very loudly. I was nervous for few seconds (which felt like a life time). Then I went with the flow. That gave me incredible confidence for the rest of my life.

The second one was the Physics teacher from 9th class his name was Durga Prasad sir. I liked him because I thought he had better attention to detail than the rest, and he gave credit not based on kids, but what the kids did. Because of him, I was able to see the connection between Maths and pretty much everything else in life. Most of the times he made fun of me, but I know he also appreciated having that conversation with me.

One of my lecturers at VRSEC, for Mechanical Drawing is my most favorite. His name is Bala Krishna Murthy sir. Rest of the college said was the toughest, and he didn’t give marks. They sweated when he came close. I didn’t care for the marks, so I wasn’t that afraid. I had a passion for Mechanical drawing as it felt like Maths to me. I played with it, just like I used to do with Maths. He appreciate my unconventional methods of solving problems. I also liked by my Electronics lecturer, whom again the entire college feared. I didn’t do well in that subject, but for some reason she kept believing that I can do better.

Happy teachers day to all teachers, including the ones I didn’t like.


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