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Politics of Arvind Kejriwal – how he used Robert Vadra

Arvind Kejriwal ‘s (AK) move to attack Robert Vadra(RV) gives penetration into BJP supporters and moderate right wingers base. A lot of BJP supporters wanted to see this from BJP and Subrahmanian Swamy(SS). You can notice that during ABP news episode on RV, when SS was asked about AK’s allegations, he said that they should go through the court and he was actually planning to go after RV once he is done with Chidambaram. He was evidently uncomfortable, as AK and Prashanth Bhushan took what was supposed to be his case. RV’s corruption has been in talks for a long time, but never picked up neither by mainstream news nor by the mainstream parties. Now the BJP, as it owes to it’s supporters, is forced to support AK in this case, even when AK is attacking BJP also.

On the other side, Congress made a fool of itself, by launching a massive campaign by the central ministers to defend the son-in-law of Sonia G. AK did not even blame Congress or the government, he did not even “blame” RV. All he is doing is asking “questions”, which we know implies DLF received kickbacks for doing favors to Damaad ji. With the panic reaction from at least seven central ministers, AK’s point is proved beyond doubt. RV killed any chance of a recovery points by calling the great nation a banana republic. Now RV is proving to be another baggage for Congress. This must be a loose-loose proposition for congress.

The ruling party, opposition and media played into the trap of AK. It is amazing how this young man picked up politics so fast. He is giving hope that he can match the tactics with the career politicians. As people like AK can’t buy votes, exciting people is the only way to survive in politics. Attack on Robert Vadra – well played. Burning power bill in New Delhi – well played. I am falling in love with the Indian politics all over again 🙂


6 comments on “Politics of Arvind Kejriwal – how he used Robert Vadra

  1. Sreekanth
    October 8, 2012

    Very well said Sri!!! The country is in a catch 22 situation when the situation became CONGRESS = BJP. Actually with the recent fallout of Gadkari, people realized that the Lotus flower in the hand of Congress. This was the time, Kejirwal caught up with the sentiment of people tired of the phenomenon and proved a tough alternative. He is going good. Actually he is running so fast I am little nervous.

  2. atluris
    October 8, 2012

    I think he has few things lined up until Delhi elections

    • Varma
      October 8, 2012

      I like the point you made how this young politician learned politics in short time. I totally support kejiriwal on this and I am hoping he will make people of India succeed. Good politics doesn’t mean stay calm. Good politics also require tactics, strategies, and gimmicks to succeed.

  3. Aditya Devarakonda
    October 8, 2012

    Will all this media coverage, hungama result in any solutions, only time has to tell. But looks like we are happy with providing some excitement/masala to people. Who cares for solutions anyway?

  4. Kiran Telukunta
    October 10, 2012

    There has to be some force against force of Money (Congress and slowly catching BJP). If Kejriwal cannot elections. He is surely going to change the rules of the Game of politics that is been run in India.

    I am not sure what is the response of Noname(Kejriwal Party) party about the party like Loksatta. If it does not like the party like Loksatta, then I would be sad to say that I might also like the party such as Noname.

    Because ideally I do not expect to have plenty of parties where already we have more than 1000 registered political parties. It becomes problem of plenty. I hope even the consenus can be build up. Starting with Kiran bedi.

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