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How to protect a Prime Minister – A photo feature

On the day when probably the biggest news broke about the involvement of the Manmohan singh in the 2 G scam, how he choose to ignore the recommendation to increase the spectrum price, top three newspapers in India decided to ignore. It reminded me why I stop following these news sites. These news sites are going to watch how other sites will pick up and how public will respond, and based on that they might bring more attention. Until then they will try everything in their power to suppress the news. Only TheHindu covered it as a headline news.

You can read about the news here – http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/pm-ignored-my-note-to-hike-2g-entry-fee-to-rs-36000-crore/article4010177.ece?homepage=true

IBN Live

Looks at this ibnlive home page. It is filled with the gossip junk. Obviously if you scroll down you will also find some real news. But there is no mention of the PM and his involvement in 2G spectrum. They think it is more important to show how Australian PM fell down, than what she stands for.


NDTV guys decided to show it in somewhere down the list. This shows that these guys are aware of the issue, but you can see where it stands in their priority list.

Filled with the gossip junk, you can’t expect this news site to cover the important topic anywhere on the front page. They showed all their creativeness in terming their most important news as Saifneena marriage

The Hindu: 

Showed again how to cover important news.


2 comments on “How to protect a Prime Minister – A photo feature

  1. Arun Reddy
    October 18, 2012

    nice article..

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