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Will Aam Admi Party and Loksatta Party join hands?


Both LSP and AAP are formed as anti corruption parties as the primary agenda. But that’s the only major similarity. A lot of supporters now wants to see both these parties work together. The contrast we see in the style of their politics is very clear. But there is more to it. Below are some examples why we will not see AAP and LSP alliance.

I will agree that we don’t know the official position of Aam Admi party on several things. Given that it is only a day old party, we can give them a break. But based on the position of the top most leaders of the party, I think we can see where they are going.

Genetically Modified Food: Prashanth Bhushan appeared for PIL in Supreme court to suspend all field trails on genetically modified food. Dr JP filed to lift the same ban in Supreme court, saying GM food is ” perfectly safe” and opposition is just ” fear, scare-mongering and aversion to monopolies”.

Diesel Price Hike: LSP has “welcomed” the decision of price hike saying it is much needed. Arvind Kejriwal was furious on the price hike and said government should instead go after the scamsters and raise revenue that way instead of rising the prices. We also know that Arvind raised a huge protest against the electricity price hike in New Delhi.

Kudankulam Nuclear Plant: Arvind Kejriwal met with SP Udaykumar and given total support to the protesters against the nuclear plant. Prashanth Bhushan filed a case in Supreme Court against the orders of fueling the Nuclear plant. We know that they totally oppose Kudankulam. There was no mention of Kudankulam from Dr JP or LSP yet.

FDI: We know Loksatta “welcomed” the FDI in retail sector. Dr JP said FDI “will benefit the farmer and the consumer, and stimulate the economy”. While we are still waiting for a solid response from Mr Kejriwal, he recently promised his supporters that he would protest against FDI.

Manmohan & Coal Scam: Arvind Kejriwal (and Anna Hazare) listed out Manmohan Singh to be investigated in the coal scam. Dr JP about this said – “wild allegations in irrational exuberance and in reckless abandon for principle”. Dr JP also said Manmohan and Narendra Singh Modi, among other “maintain high standards of conduct and probity against heavy odds”. We know Arvind Kejriwal thinks Modi “has not been just accused of communal riots”, but also “playing a prominent role in protecting the corrupt ministers”

The point of the post is not to make one party look bad over the other. They may be right in their own way. But my point is, both are so strong believers, that they would take personal interest in filing cases in the Supreme Court, opposite each others views (GM food). I don’t see them working together on a lot of issues.


14 comments on “Will Aam Admi Party and Loksatta Party join hands?

  1. kapil
    November 27, 2012

    How ever they both seem to share similar language in terms of the way governance should happen like decentralization, guaranteed services etc. They also have similarity in terms of politics like internal democracy, transparency in fund raising. So they don’t have similarity only in terms of their anti-corruption plank.

  2. krishna
    November 27, 2012

    I think from last 2 million years(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_human_evolution) revolutions are made across the world by exploiting naturally hidden human “mrugam” in self and opposition with exceptions being Gandhi and JP who’s revolution is about leading by killing “mrugam” in self and opposition.

  3. Satish
    November 27, 2012

    You missed Lokpal bill, which is the starting point of their disagreement. I don’t think, they can have consensus on it.

    • atluris
      November 28, 2012

      Hi Satish. thanks for posting. They both have different opinions, but I think they will be lot happier with either version than the govt version. Both are asking for independent CBI, which is the biggest point for them. They both disagree on the purview, but that is secondary.

      • tnsatish
        November 28, 2012

        I don’t think, Dr.JP is more happy with Janlokpal bill than the government bill. Of course, he never said that, one is better than the other. But, I feel, he prefers government bill over janlokpal bill.

  4. Aire
    November 28, 2012

    Lokasatta is pragmatic and a Centrist party and is willing to work on the sidelines. Since they are very rational and don’t drum up issues they have been unable to garner widespread public attention.

    AAP at this juncture seems decisively left of center on a host of issues. They also are riding a significant wave of +ve public opinion and media coverage. I must disclose that I personally feel that left leaning economic policies have not done us much good. However since AAP is open to suggestions and discussions they may evolve a more pragmatic approach to economic policy making.

    I am hoping that these two parties gain a sizable foothold in electoral politics. They dont need to emerge as the biggest political entities. All they need to do is focus on local issues and hope to corner 10% of the votes. This will allow them to set terms of national debate paving the way for a more democratic nation run by people and not by a coterie at 10, Janpath.

    My most immediate wish is to see Congress being punished for Corruption in 2014. And I am willing to vote for a BJP candidate in my constituency if there is no Lokstta/AAP candidate.

    • atluris
      November 28, 2012

      Thanks for posting your views.

  5. Ishan Narang
    December 28, 2012

    Think AAP will take over Lok Satta base and volunteers everywhere except Andhra. While JP is more pragmatic, Kejriwal is the better strategist and better political activist.

    AAP is left of centre on most issues right now, but there are many AAP members who with a established structure might pull it towards centre..

    Btw, Does Lok Satta have any base outside a certain seats?

  6. Gaurav Nirwal
    January 30, 2013

    Two smart minds can never work together…alas we must continue to suffer at the hands of either UPA or NDA

  7. sanjay (@gsk5157)
    September 21, 2013

    Good analysis. I would tend to lean towards Lok Satta given Kejriwal’s stand on several issues

    • atluris
      September 21, 2013

      I think that is the only option as of now. I think things will get clearer after Delhi elections

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