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Verbal abuse on Facebook and the Police case

This is not a straight forward one, but I will attempt it anyway.

Brief Background: A police case was filed on 6 people for making derogatory comments on women on Facebook. The comments were very offensive, and anyone with some social sense will not appreciate them. If you would like to know more these comments, you can visit this fb page (should know Telugu)

First of all, kudos to the several people who responded and exposed the people behind the verbal abuse on the Facebook.  You showed that good people can respond and make things happen. You also showed that Facebook is not just for time-pass, and you showed how to make a difference.

About a month ago, when one of the accused, KM, posted a senseless comment on Manisha Koirala’s cancer. I asked him to remove that status. He removed it, but I also unfriended him at that time. None of the accused were in my list, so I never saw these discussions while they were happening. When ARG exposed these discussions to the wider audience, I congratulated her. When KS garu asked whether this case should be filed, I said “no” (with some more explanation), and I also posted the same on the “Veellaki…” page.

I felt offended to read the reported discussion, and it was painful to read. I can see the main goal of the discussion was to suppress women and say that women are lesser than men. So without a doubt, 100%, I agree that these guys should be taught a lesson. We should also know that this was not an isolated incident, and it went on for several months. Every time such messages were posted by these people, they were getting “Likes”. One of the guys also made similar, if not worse comments and Dalits and poor people. The right lesson would have been to 1) Speak up to the guys and say that you don’t appreciate it 2) Unfriend/block them 3) Report to Facebook and 4) Even the page “Veellaki…” a great idea. Another thing we should notice is, there were a lot of people who are encouraging them by liking the messages and making supporting comments. Similar lesson should have been taught to such people also. Let’s expose them as well.

I think the people who reported to police have every right to do so, and I appreciate them for taking action, and not be a bystander. I think they stopped a lot of nonsense before it happened. But here are the reasons why I wouldn’t have filed the police complaint…

  1. We are the same people who protested against the police cases on the two girls who made cheap comments on Bal Thackrey’s death. I agree it is completely different scenario, but the point is about the internet freedom, and why we don’t want government involvement
  2. What this case means is, people will not have same freedom to post their thoughts on fb, at least until it is forgotten. This case means, we are approving the IT Act, against which we protested.
  3. These guys did not attack any individual. Making a generalized comments is bad, but it is much less impactful than attacking an individual.
  4. Facebook is still a new concept for several people, I don’t think anyone foresaw a police case for something said on it.

Lastly, while I disagree with this case, I am not against legal punishment  for bad acts. The case that should have been filed on one of them was the SC/ST act, when he said the deaths of the Dalits due to hate crime was a necessity.


5 comments on “Verbal abuse on Facebook and the Police case

  1. విశేఖర్
    January 30, 2013

    “The case that should have been filed on one of them was the SC/ST act, when he said the deaths of the Dalits due to hate crime was a necessity.”

    Did he really said it? Can you please provide me a link or information about it?

    I’m Visekhar, blogging in Telugu. Your points are worth for consideration. I T Act is a weapon of the state, designed to suppress democratic expressions in internet world. No doubt about it.

    Are you suggesting that the basis of the complaint should be changed (SC/ST Act instead of women clause of IT Act)?

  2. విశేఖర్
    January 30, 2013

    I’ve seen your reference. It was very bad and frustrating. I’ve received even worst language in the name of protecting Hinduism. Some people scolded me like anything. I was tempted to file a complaint under SC/ST act. But as I know the eventuality of severe consequences to them, I restrained myself. The reason for my restraint is what you mentioned above. After all, such characters are not born but made.

    See this link: http://wp.me/p1kSha-2R3

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