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The most valuable piece of real estate in the world – a dumping ground

Most of the popular news sites, for example, CNN, NDTV, IBNLive etc are filling their headlines with gossips and useless information. They are supposed to cover the stories and issues of the common people, but most of them neither have interest nor resources. They try to grow too big too fast, and they become too expensive to operate. So they have a lot of sponsored shows, which may not be in the interest of the public. Their interest is TRP rating, and their profit-making.

Here, I want to ask CNN, why do you think Oscar awards is such an important news that you must dedicate your most valuable real estate (front page) to it? Why is it important to report Jennifer Lawrence fall on the stage and whether Seth MacFarlane was a hit or a flop?


There are many individuals and organizations doing incredible work on the ground. Can you imagine how much support and motivation they would get for a 2×2 spot on the main page of such a news site? Unfortunately these sites will any day choose to report who wear what on the Oscar night, or Pistorious murder case or how many runs Sachin should score for his next record.

Their focus is on celebrities, press releases, viral videos, feel good stories, events and incidents. This is “Easy News”. No investigation needed, no fact checking needed, no need to worry about offending anyone.

The pop media is lacking guts to report facts. Instead of reporting what is right and what is fact, they want to judge our intelligence by staying neutral. I think one does more injustice by staying neutral. One does more injustice by saying everyone is same, whether it is politics or religion or something else. Neutral is both boring and dangerous. I think it is more important to take a stand, and be open to change if needed.

Sreedhar’s cartoon below is used as an example to show how we tend to equate uncomfortable things, so we can ignore the problems.  Here Eenadu worried about loosing Muslim or Hindu readers if they reported Akbharuddin’s anti national speech or Raj Thackery’s insensitive speech, so the only way they will report these stories is by putting them next to each other. Even though this is just a cartoon, unfortunately that’s how most media is behaving. If you are going to say “all are same” it is as good as you not saying anything.


The pop news media works cozy with the government, and they are sponsored by the unethical industries like Reliance. How many news media channels does Reliance own? Before Sakshi, have you ever heard a Cheif Minister of the state opening a news paper with corrupt money to promote his own interests? These news papers have a limited scope to operate, because they can’t report anything bad about their sponsors or anything good about opposition. So how in the world will they ever report the complete truth?

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