A little personal and a little political

The “Democracy” we live in (sorry kids)

An example of the “democracy” we are living in.

About 30,000 people die in America from gunshots every year. Main reason is the free flow of guns without even background checks. The guns are not the normal hand guns we imagine. You could have a criminal record, or mental disease, but you can pretty much walk into a gun show, and pickup a gun like AR-15 (shown in the pic). You questions asked. This is the gun used in killing the little kids in Newtown, CT, USA.

For someone like me, I will never understand, in a million years, the reason for citizens to own such mass killing weapons. I guess Americans must have their own reasons.

The recent polls show that 91% of Americans want background checks for all gun sales, and more than 50% want guns are these banned. Yet, the ruling party is sweating bullets to just put the background checks in place. Ban on assault weapons seems like a distant dream now, even after mass killing after mass killing, day after day.Image

When most people want background checks and ban on the weapons, why are the politicians not listening to them?

It is very simple, they are working for the people who made their election funds possible, the gun manufacturers. Are these elected members really working for the

Pics: fromdc2iowa.blogspot.com, emptormaven.com


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