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Why is Seemandhra Burning?

The solution to the current crisis in AP can be simply mitigated by starting with talks with people like Ashok Babu and other leaders from both side. I don’t think most people in SA side will object to formation of new state if their voices are heard, and understand their concerns are, and what they are looking for. I have been a long time supporter of TG formation, and I still believe it is better for both regions.

More than TG state is formed, we have two new states now. One of them will bear an old name, and it has to build ever thing from the scratch. This is done with out even talking about any of the potential issues. Folks say that SA leaders should come up with solution, especially about “Sama Nyayam”. Let me tell you about the solutions… I will challenge, I can get 5th grader to tell what needs to be done. It is not about solutions, it never was. Just like TG, the current movement is about respect. If you still think the solutions are so complex, here is an article I wrote a couple of years ago. Solutions are not rocket science. What is needed is conviction and people who respect the democracy.  Congress party wants to make full advantage of this crisis, and they will keep this in tact as long as they find a way to win seatshttps://atluris.wordpress.com/2011/12/06/my-position-on/

It is unfortunate that people who voiced against the injustice in TG region, and supported the people’s movement, can’t even see the indifference and insult to the SA region, but they are making fun of the movement every single day. When the TG employees did the “samme”, I expressed the awe and voiced support. But what AP NGOs are doing now is an unprecedented feat.

You are right to say, why did all these SA people & CBN kept quite all these years when TG movement was at its heights. Because they were not against the movement, they were not against the TG aspirations.

It’s not what you do, it is how you do it. This is always the case. For example, it is not about someone dying, it is about how he/she is dead. It is not about slapping someone, it is about how you did it, and where you did it. It is not about running between the wickets, it is about at what stage did you do it. It is not so much about formation of TG. It is about how it is being done.


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