A little personal and a little political

Funny or Ironic ….?

  1. Conservative and (Environment) conservation are opposite words 🙂
  2. Nation First and People First are opposite to each other, First patented by Right, second by Left. Similarly Development and Welfare are opposites too.
  3. Both Leftists and rightists dislike Obama. One says he is just another Bush, and the other says he is Marx
  4. BJP and Congress benefit every time they are called communal and corrupt. There is a voter base who wants them that way.
  5. India has 8 states east of West Bengal
  6. If you talk about anything that happened in India before 2,000 years you are right-wing 😉
  7. Some people who fiercely support Democracy, can’t accept that most people believe in, God
  8. The results of the presidential elections of the most powerful country, US are usually decided by just few percent of voters. Rest all votes(states) are decided for next few decades. In India, the example is Mizoram state, which is about 80% Christian. It is predicted that Congress will keep winning there. But this is an exception to how general polling results are considered in India. Most states ought to be fought.
  9. Based on who is the perpetrator, and who is the victim, leftists and rightists pick and choose which genocide they want to talk about
  10. You can make any argument, whatever it is (such as Earth is flat), you can find tons of supporting documents to it on google, and some of them will be “scientific”.

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