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Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Let’s brag we paid a fair price

Year-end is the time most retailers make most of their money. Year-end is also the time when most prices are slashed. This is the time business owners get richer, and customers save more money. Somehow this equation doesn’t add up to me. Either there is a different variable, or the equation is false.

It reminds me of I used to look for Pennysaver coupon before going to oil change or smog test for my car. Every time I went to those places where the deal is almost too good to be real, they told me bunch of things I needed to fix for car, or how my car was going to breakdown on the middle on the freeway. That was until I found a reliable auto service guy (they are very rare). He charges almost 15 dollars more than the cheapest coupon. But this guy doesn’t trick you into getting unnecessary things done for the car. Bottom line is, they need the money to run the business. They will get it one way or the other. It is better to pay the “right price” and have peace of mind.

This Black Friday, when/if you go to the big stores, because you saw a doorbuster deal think about how these stores can give the items for so cheap. Are you paying for the time you stand in the line, are you paying for the stress of fighting with others for those items, and are you also paying for the other things you buy, which you didn’t plan to buy.

Then also spare a minute to think how are these extraordinary products made for such a low-cost (we know by own, the owners of these companies are not cutting their wallets). And are there others paying for our cheap products too, the other variable?

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