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Modi, some questions for you (no, not about Godra)


I believe there are a lot of questions Modi should answer during this campaign. Instead of raising such questions, most of his opponents are sticking to the Godra incident, because it may be easier to catch. I am avoiding usual questions like “will you avoid another Godra type incident”.

  1. You say congress is corrupt. Will you only give seats to clean politicians, and will you see that votes are not bought by money, liquor or religion?
  2. If you become PM, you will continue to give mining permissions. Can you promise that proper environmental impact assessment is done, and you will convince the tribals before start digging?
  3. BJP opposed FDI in retail. Can you promise that you will not bring FDIs in other sectors?
  4. You will most likely increase the defense funding. Can you promise that you will bring financial transparency in the defense?
  5. Your folks allegedly spied on citizens illegally. Can you promise you will not use investigating agencies to target your opposition?
  6. You weakened Lokayukth in your state. Can you promise that you will not weaken CBI and other institutions?
  7. BJP folks seem to defend religious figures, and some of the popular religious/spiritual figures campaigning for you. Will you bring transparency and accountability in all the religious houses?
  8. You are all about the development. Will you also remember the poor and unfortunate people in your development plans?
  9. US denied your visa. As a PM can you work with them?
  10. BJP says it opposes Telangana bill in the current stage, but it will vote for it anyway (to call Congress bluff).  As a PM can you stay above party politics?
  11. You criticized the current foreign policy as soft. Will you develop friendly relation with neighbors, or will you look for a war?
  12. Solar energy is one of your biggest marketing point, but you did not oppose Kudankulam. Will you continue to promote the renewable energy across India, or will you look for more nuclear power?
  13. You appointed the same old people, like Sushma Swaraj, Nitin Gadkari etc in your election campaign team. We believe Sushma Swaraj took kickbacks from Gali Janardhan Reddy from mining scams. Can you promise that your government will be any different?

I am sure there are more questions to be answered. If you have any, please post them below. I intend to send this to Modi. I know Modi won’t reply to my email, but his supporters may answer to these below.


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