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Can the volunteers match the revolutionary party, AAP?

aap-volunteers-assaulted-during-membership-drive-in-south-delhiThe premise is that AAP is a revolutionary party in Indian politics from their approach to the success in grasping the imagination of people. AAP is based on the volunteer strength, and they have the bravest and most passionate volunteers. AAP’s volunteers were badly and deadly attacked several times. And they stood together see AAP in power in Delhi. It is probably not possible to see AAP and AAP volunteers separately, at least the ones who were there from the beginning.

But the volunteer base is exponentially increasing for good. Is it possible for these volunteers who come from various walks of life to match such a revolutionary idea? This article focuses on bringing some of the potential challenges in future, not to say there is something wrong today.  Some of the points raised are not for generalization, as the article is intended to pick on the exceptions from a critical stand point.

  1. AAP a Whistle-blowers party, so the volunteers should point out the issues in the party first. And when they blow the whistle, others should support them instead of labeling them as anti-AAP.
  2. AAP started as a disobedience party. The volunteers should not be obedient to what AK or PB or MS say. They should disagree with them until it makes sense.
  3. Don’t mix “aam admi/aurat” with “Aam Admi Party”. AAP is formed based on siding with the common people. So the volunteers of the party should have loyalty for the people and the country, not for the party.
  4. AK repeatedly say the party is not about him, and he did not win the election, but everything is about the common people who came forward. Yet, AK’s picture is everywhere, even on their Facebook pages like Final War Against Corruption. Why does the AAP’s official fb page revolve around 3-4 people so much? My guess is these are not directly supervised by AK. I think some super loyalists post these images and messages. It shouldn’t be about AK, or a small set of people. It is about the volunteers and common people, who don’t get their say on bigger platforms.
  5. One of AAP’s biggest complaints was that the mainstream media did not pickup their story in the initial days of party formation. When AK did the fast, almost all the mainstream media ignored him for over a week. Now when AAP became big (runs a state), everyday AK and AAP are the headlines in the mainstream media like CNN-IBN and NDTV. AAP volunteers should be worried about this trend. They should question why all mainstream media so much focused on AAP and ignore so many smaller initiatives across India. With that said, I will stop posting about AAP for a while now 😉
  6. Unless you hold a key position in the party, don’t put your credibility on the line, or make sweeping endorsements to support the party. Since you don’t have control on the decisions, you never know when you have to eat your own words. Instead, sticking to your opinions based on the facts is safest. For example, don’t push anything on the social network without checking facts, even if they are supporting your party or opposing your rival party. There is a lot of fake information on the net, find the right sources and do basic research before sharing it.
  7. Probably most important of all, AAP is here to change the culture of politics. Some of the hardcore volunteers of traditional parties are known for online bullying and aggressive campaigning. AAP volunteers should be more than attack dogs, and more than propaganda pushers. I think AAP volunteers should stay above such things; stick to the facts, and state clearly if it is their opinion.

Pic: (The AAP volunteers – Shekhar…)/EconomicTimes


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