A little personal and a little political

One of a kind God!


Lord Shiva. I didn’t pay much attention growing up, but I think he represents the underrepresented, and promotes tolerance like no one else.

  1. His job is taking care of the corpses in the burial ground
  2. He has snakes crawling all over his body, he wears animal skin for clothing and he roams around on a large bull
  3. He has three eyes, most would consider that being physically different
  4. He is generally  surrounded by ghosts and demons, and called the friend of fallen
  5. He along with Parvathi represents the perfect gender equality in Ardhanarisvara, and represents transgenders.

Shivaratri was always one of my favorite festival because, that night was a night-out. Parents didn’t bother us by asking to sleep on time. We would go out to the streets with friends to watch the movies played on a large screen. “Bhukailas” was always played, and it never bored even after watching every year, especially because of a stellar performance by NTR. Then there would be a Chiranjeevi movie and a Balayya or some other’s movie.

Happy Maha Shiva Ratri!

Note: This is just a different view point. If you are hurt with above description, sincere apologies. The intention is positive.


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