A little personal and a little political

Dear SoS John Kerry, we are concerned too (this article is not for Obama fans)

The Human Rights report released by Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday said, in India …

  1. The most significant human rights problems were police and security force abuses, including extrajudicial killings, torture, and rape; widespread corruption at all levels of government, leading to denial of justice; and separatist, insurgent, and societal violence
  2. Other human rights problems included disappearances, poor prison conditions that were frequently life threatening, arbitrary arrest and detention, and lengthy pretrial detention. Authorities continued to infringe on citizens’ privacy rights
  3. The law in some states restricts religious conversion, and there were reports of arrests but no reports of convictions under those laws.
  4. Some limits on the freedom of movement continued. Corruption was widespread
  5. Rape, domestic violence, dowry-related deaths, honour killings, sexual harassment, and discrimination against women remained serious problems (0)

Dear Secretary of State John Kerry sir, while we appreciate your concerns on India, and we work to improve the conditions, please understand some of us Indians also share the concern over how business is carried in the US

  1. We are concerned about the way US illegally phone tapped the world leaders from 35 countries, including that of their close allies like Great Britain, Germany, Isreal, and not to mention the leader of India. (1)
  2. We are also concerned about the free flow of mass killing semi automatic guns even without a background check, killing including small children in schools and that thousands of people die every year from gun violence in the US (2)
  3. We are concerned that America has more prisoners than engineers or high school teachers (3)
  4. We are concerned that America is the largest exporter of deadly weapons to the countries across the world (4)
  5. We are also concerned that racial profiling continues in America, how black and Latinos are stopped by the police for no reason other than their skin color (5)
  6. We are concerned that prisoners are subjected to years of cruel solitary confinement, and how the fasting prisoners are force fed with tubes going from their noses into their stomachs (6a) (6b)
  7. We are concerned that you keep people in prisons of Gittmo without a proper trail (7)
  8. We are concerned that you have used espionage act on the whistleblowers, more than any other US government (8)
  9. We are concerned about the ever growing increase in the economic disparity in your country (9)
  10. We are concerned how you are buy our personal data from phone companies, Facebook, google etc (10)

I think 10 is a good number, so I will stop it here. The article highlights some of the current pains of US. Overall, US is doing better than most countries on the Human Rights side.

Below Pic: Huffington Post



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