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The Idiot In Me – Part 1; At The Funeral

I don’t know why I started writing this series about me, “The Idiot In Me” ….. may be I shouldn’t write such things… (may be that’s my reason to write such things 😉 )

Few days ago I attended a funeral of a great person. Even though I never met him, I have seen his work through others. Below is not a reflection of my respect towards him.

I was helping with the video recording of the event, and enjoying the speakers. They all talked very nicely about the great man. There was a woman who spoke about him, which got my attention.

We know how some people use filler words such as “Like” before an after each other word they say (I came to know that the words like these are called vocalized pauses). Similarly some people say “you know” several times in a sentence.

This woman was reading the eulogy, and within a minute I noticed she is saying “you know” a lot. My mind got diverted, and throughout her speech, I was just hearing her say “you know”, “you know”, “you know”. Her speech ended in about 10 min. I felt a little bad… but the worse was yet to come..

Then she said her husband will talk. I started thinking….

it must be really hard for him to put up with “you know” so many times every day. hmm…. may be they don’t talk English with each other. May be he is just used to it by now, or may be he picked up the habit too. I bet he will say ‘you-know’ at least 10 times before he is done….

He started the eulogy. It was over 30 seconds, I didn’t hear you-know yet. My eagerness kept going up. Not long after, he says you-know. I was happy. Then the flow came, by the time he was done, I counted 15.


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