A little personal and a little political

Only if you can do a little more

Time to time our leaders blame volunteers – only if you can do a little more our leader/party would be somewhere else … here is a little more you can do..

For a long time you tried to convince people that CBN is corrupt and he was the cause for a lot of issues we are facing today. Now your leader goes for a tie up with him, which means you will support TDP candidates in the rest of the state. Instead of catching his collar and question, you are refuting everything you said about TDP until now, and getting busy defending your leader’s actions, or blocking people who are questioning.

You know why your leader doesn’t care? Because you can’t get through the thick coterie of “yes-men”(&women) by any of your current methods.  Because you will fight in the internal groups, you will send emails and you will make personal calls, but at the end you will say Jai JP, Jai Lok Satta.

Here is an example how the supporters can dictate the terms, and how leaders actually benefit from that – In 2009 when KCR tried to quit his fasting just after first 1-2 days, his supporters protested against him very hard. So hard that he had to go back on the fast. Many would agree that was the turning point in the TG movement, which ultimately made KCR the biggest hero.

This post is not so much about JP/LSP/TDP/CBN/alliance or anything else but about how some supporters respond to the changing leaders. In fact I agree with JP, that TDP is the best option for our state for this elections.


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