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The Sati practice of our times

Put someone in jail from their childhood in unbearable circumstances, and kill them when they become adults (sometimes even before that). And that someone never did anything wrong. They are absolutely innocent. This happens every day everywhere.

Let’s step back, and look at what we have achieved…

It is hard to believe that only until recently women didn’t have voting rights. We ended a lot of such bad practices.

Whether it is ending the slavery, the untouchability, the Sati practice or public executions, we have come a long way. Can we believe only until recently women were not allowed to go to schools? Can we believe only until very recently women didn’t have right to inherit the property? Have we ever imagined gays and lesbians legally getting married? Have we ever imagined a lesbian becoming one of the most popular TV talk show hosts? How many people dreamt if any of such changes would even be possible? Or how many people would have thought those ever even wrong to begin with?

What about now? Do you think we are perfect? Or do you think there are some things which are legal and widely accepted today, but they might be looked in a 100 years as totally inhumane? Do you think there could be some practices today which are as ridiculous as “Sati”?

Let’s take this example…

We go to a restaurant and we look at the menu. Chicken Fry, Baby Back Ribs, Pork Chops, Boiled Lobster etc. We order one of them, and the server brings a dish full of nicely decorated meat. Then we stuff our mouth with that delicious meat.

Baby back ribs? Really? Your hunger won’t stop until you eat “Baby” Back Ribs or “Tender” chicken? Don’t you know these animals had parents? Don’t you know they had children? What would someone tell to the mother of that animal? Your child’s ribs are now enjoyed on a dinner table in a steak’s house? How about putting a live lobster in boiling water right in front of you?

Ok, may be you are not of the Baby Back Ribs or the Boiled Lobster types. May be you are a moderate chicken guy/girl.

Most chickens are put in an extremely small place for their entire life. While they are fed, fed, fed, they don’t get any exercise. They are fed with unnatural food to make them fat. On top of it, they are given drugs to increase their weight. They become so heavy, that their legs can’t support their weight. The only purpose of their lives is to stand and sit at a single place, for their entire life until they get killed. Then they are chopped into pieces and send to the restaurants and to the retail shops.

Same with Cows, pigs and any other animals, which we happily stuff our mouths with their meat. Animals are screaming, in terrors, with their hearts out (literally) in the slaughter houses. They don’t want to be killed. They don’t want to be in those dark prisons for their entire life. They want to be in the fields, outside. They are innocent. They didn’t kill anyone. They don’t deserve this treatment.

Someday it will click in our mind that we are also animals, only that we became extraordinarily powerful. Powerful enough to destroy anything else whether it is on our way, or it is just for our pleasure. Someday I hope it will click in our minds that eating animals in the most inhumane thing we can do.

Just like any of the above examples like Sati, slavery etc, which were systematically stopped, but not absolutely, I don’t think everyone in the world will completely stop eating animals, but I believe systematically and legally it will stop.

Justice is equal to race, region, gender, age. Let’s also add the rest of the animal to it. Let’s redefine equality.

If you are still reading, and if you are not already a vegetarian, I hope you will become one, soon. You are going to end this practice of our times which is equal to Sati + Slavery + Untouchability. You are going to make history!



A photo from Mexico United for the Respect of Animals with the Spanish caption translated by Google::  Chickens killed Foam The new invention of the processing system ‘product’ (animals) on farms and factories for the production of egg and meat. In just 15 minutes no less than 15 000 birds deemed unnecessary and “waste” can be consumed by asphyxiation with this type of foam, similar to that used for washing cars and other machinery. Engineers, agronomists and animal exploitation business congratulate themselves on “the effectiveness and profitability of this system.”

chicken-foam (1)











Listen to this incredible narration



One comment on “The Sati practice of our times

  1. Alok Singh
    March 26, 2014

    Good work.

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