A little personal and a little political

You think you are smarter than JP? (నీకు జెపి కన్నా ఎక్కువ తెలుసా?)

_SSK7520_1561678gAcknowledgment: LSP is a better than other parties in some respects, and JP is better than some political leaders. I hope parties such as LSP, who try to run with clean money are encouraged, and more people join. But there is way too much hype about what LSP is, so my attempt to show other side of it. As you will see the article only talks about the negative side. I am sure there are many positives also.

When did you realize LSP is not the solution we need?

  1. When LSP Facebook page., LSP website, LSP press releases, the LSP monthly newsletter all are full of JP japam, but when asked why 2nd level leaders are not getting visibility, he says, media is not covering them

  2. When JP the anti-corruption crusader didn’t do much more than a couple of press releases and speeches, under his watch, arguably the most corrupt state government in the country ran

  3. When Raitu Satyagraha stopped after just one successful event

  4. When he didn’t file a candidate in the local body elections of his own constituency

  5. JP may like to eat GM food, but when he goes to Supreme Court to defend GM

  6. When JP practically gave “innocent chit” to the PM who oversaw the most corrupt government in the history of India.

  7. When the country was at the heights of anti-corruption movement, and JP showed up as a referee to say how the movement should run

  8. When JP announced that he is stepping down as the “President”, and surprised you by keeping the “National President”

  9. When Internal Elections were taken hostage by some people in the party

  10. When the newly elected State President was alleged of voter list fraud, and JP agreeing to the fraud.

  11. When JP announced a committee to investigate the fraud, but killed it right away.

  12. When Surajya movement did not reach the rural or poor sections of the population, and only done for middleclass and youth, as a series of round table conferences where pretty much JP spoke, instead of a real discussion.

  13. When LSP didn’t do more than press releases and assembly point speeches during the TG sammes, bandhs, suicides etc.  while they played referee most of the time (the way JP spoke about some of the issue like extortion is laudable).

  14. When he turns back after the first leg of Telugu Tejam Yatra (severe resistance acknowledged).

  15. When JP, who chanted TG is not a disaster, not a pancake (yumm) for a decade, went from saying Telugu Self Respect to the Reorg bill should pass the assembly to package for AP, to claiming future of both regions with single speech (yes, it is a good speech).

  16. When he said he doesn’t want to go with the opposition, so he voted neutral in the no confidence motion against government, while at the same time blasting the government for it’s worst performance.

  17. When he voted for TDP Rajya Sabha member, just because “Chandrababu Naidu called him” (or because of the alliance talks).

  18. When JP and LSP grows the street fighting nature all of a sudden (Jabbar travels, illegal construction etc) Right after the success of AAP, and right before the elections.

  19. When he tried to take credit for AAP’s success when it was most popular (Of course that is until when AAP made an unpopular decision to leave the Delhi Govt).

  20. When JP announced that he will not align with any party, run for 294 seats, and asks for donations.

  21. When LSP tried alliance with AAP

  22. When LSP tried alliance with TDP.

  23. When LSP tried alliance with BJP.

  24. When LSP tried alliance with JSP.

  25. When he acknowledged TDP-BJP combination is best for the state, yet fielded candidates against them.

  26. When he said the party is there for Pawan to lead, if he wishes to

  27. When he risked not giving the B-form to people who jumped on to the “platform” he claimed to setup for the people, while he kept waiting for TDP’s alliance.

  28. When JP the leader asked for 5000 volunteers for his own constituency, while there are about 100 candidates fighting on the party ticket.

  29. When JP the leader who didn’t tour any other place except his own (from elections announced to elections completed in his constituency).

  30. When he didn’t get any support from BJP, but still chant NaMo. “Country needs NaMo, Hyderabad needs JP”(what happened to the brightest candidates on LSP tickets, who left their great careers to join the party?)

  31. When Malkajgiri TDP candidate had to remind him about the ethics.

  32. When JP the leader campaigned for the opposition party, BJP.

  33. When JP is rumored to take ministry in Modi’s government.

  34. When JP says on TV shows that his one MLA party brought more changes in the country than the ruling party of the country, and all ruling parties in various states.

  35. Forget about explanation, but when JP did not even deny some serious allegations Anurag Kejriwal said in the expose.

  36. When JP ran the party like a lobbying organization (the reason you don’t find many public involved movements, but have so many claims of achievements). Please note, Lobbying in itself is not bad, and it is not used in a bad tone here. But the point is back-end lobbying is different from people’s politics.

  37. When for everything good in the country, LSP sends a press release, “welcoming”, and say, “Loksatta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan recalled that the Loksatta for long has been demanding the…. ” (Somehow these will end up in their long list of achievements).

  38. NOTA (None of the above)


This list is put together in less than an hour without any prior notes. I am sure I am neither very knowledgeable nor I have good memory. If you have other reasons for loosing interest, please post them below. This list is only what is already in public. I avoided some of the stuff I learnt from having privileged access. Btw, JP sir, best wishes for the election results.


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8 comments on “You think you are smarter than JP? (నీకు జెపి కన్నా ఎక్కువ తెలుసా?)

  1. underhill
    May 11, 2014

    39. When come out openly to support Margadari when an MP sought investigation against it. See the example of Sahara started with small fraud case to big financial irregularities all because of investigation. Why oppose the inquiry first of all?

  2. RV
    May 11, 2014

    Before answering your points, I think you know JP’s style of working. I see his style of working as like this:
    1) He doesn’t vilify politicians and political parties. JP concentrates on the good a person has done more often.
    2) He likes to work with all other parties
    3) He think that Corruption is the result of bad system and policies rather than saying that people are bad. So, a systematic need of eradication of corruption is needed.
    4) JP by working philosophy is a Ambedhkarite ,i.e Dharnas are NOT we should aim for. rather talks and finding reconciliation is how our democracy should progress. (You know that, Ambedhkar opposed Dharnas and Gandhi’s methods suggesting that they are not democratic and probably are dangerous?)
    For that reason, he opposes dharnas. (But he ain’t won all the time, since LSP did some of the dharnas too).
    5) He abhors state control on all matters other than Education, infrastructure and Healthcare. (Centre-Right kind)
    6) JP had worked and achieved stuff in several fields so he has comprehensive knowledge ranging from Agricultural to Technology.
    7) He always thinks of SOLUTIONS and find ways to arrive at it somehow.

    The above are my basic assumptions (axioms for our discussion) after all the empirical evidence I have seen. Correct me if anything above was wrong

    To top these, there are a few things peculiar to Andhra Pradesh from my observations.
    7) Last decade has been a complete polarization over Telangana vs AP issue
    8) Good leaders did not emerge from the state. That shows a lot about the cultural and political scenario in the Andhra Pradesh. I always thought that had JP been in other states, say Mumbai or Delhi, LSP could’ve achieved quite a lot more. The political atmosphere is lot better than Hyderabad (&Andhra Pradesh where even there is casteism in instiutiions and movie industry)

    Because of the above things, LSP has been very slow in achieving it’s electoral goals. (Although, with the amount of power it has, it has achieved quite a lot in reforming governement policies and acts).

    Yes, I strong believe that LSP is the solution to our problems and we should strengthen it and that is how our democracy should move in the long run.

    Okay now answering your questions and your suggestions
    1) Yes, vast section of the people don’t know the second level leaders, even though there are amazing people out there in LSP. My sincere request to you is what could LSP have done here? Can you contribute and participate to make it a better party?

    2) The problem is JP is not just anti-corruption crusader. He is much more. As I already said, JP is more interested in getting laws rather than doing dharnas.
    As I see, you are criticizing his lack of ability to mass mobilize people like the way VP singh done or AK is doing. LSP (when compared to traditional parties) has falied to be a attention seeking party which is not a good thing. Isn’t it our effort to make it more popular?

    3) But it has achieved what it has sought out for. The goals have been achieved, no regarding the export ban? How? Just by taking to Manmohan singh

    4) I don’t know about it, actually.

    5) This is a great thing JP has done. Going to Supreme court for GM foods. My respect increased tremendously when he did that. When the world is considering that opposing GM foods is as closer to Junk science, what JP has done is something great. Regarding GM foods, LSP (research wing) is very clear about
    GM technology, Regulation and distribution of GM foods and we should solve the problem step by step but not resorting to emotional arguments and banning it.

    6) “Innocent Chit” ? We are used to the politics of accusation and complaining all the time. JP is very optimist. It is very rare that he vilifies people. And who are we to decide whether to give chits are not. Go to supreme court and it will answer.
    MMS has been a person with great integrity. However, he had other problems too.
    All in all, JP worked with MMS (through NAC and other means), so I think JP knows MMS better than all of us.

    7) Cool. Now you are angry that JP is using his freedom of speech. Great!

    8) I agree that LSP is being lead by one of the intelligent, hardworking and smartest people in the AP (probably in India too). So, it is not easy to get a leader of that stature in Andhra Pradesh. Anyway, the question here is clear, no?
    a) katari is the head of LSP-ANdhra Pradesh
    b) JP is the head of LSP-India.

    What is the problem, here?

    9) I don’t know about this. But I always thought Katari (a BC) becoming the head of party is a great thing through only internal elections.

    10) I don’;t know about this. Please elaborate.

    11) Sorry, no idea

    12) This is the basic problem. When you have intellectuals of JP quality, then there could be a battle of ideas. But the kind of intellectuals I see in Andhra Pradesh is not up to the standards. This is my personal view. However, this question is a bad argument about JP. To counter this, I’ve seen several round table conferenes where JP spoke nothing.

    Surajya having not reached to the poor points out to the lack of attention seeking ability and mass mobilization rather than due to bad intentions. A movement becomes success when common people try to identify with the movement. Corruption is the easiest thing where people could identify the problem. But Surajya? not easy. So, our goal should be to work harder to reach it to the people rather than complaining.

    13) I being a hard core Telanganite, I still don’t understand suicides committed by the students. I think that is cowardice and stupid enough as my philosophical stand. (Amaraveerulu – I don’t know if I have to respect them or not. Sounds extremely harsh I know, but it is not a great precedent in 2000’s I think).

    Okay, now tell me. What it could’ve done visibly? As I was very clear, the stand taken by JP/LSP is extremely laudable that Telangana is a political question and not a moral question. Political questions are resolved through talks. In any civilized country, this should’ve happened. But it ain’t.

    14) So, what ? How is it a JP’s problem? I don’t understand. And the irony is
    JP fought for the SOLUTION to TvsSA problem rather than politicizing it.

    15) The greatest leaders are those who change with the times and situation around them. When JP’s algorithm has been this:
    a) Telangana issue (if at all arises) should be solved by mutual discussion. This was his stand even before TRS was born.
    b) When Telangana became a movement, his stand was there are more fundamental things to be done to improve lives as a separate state won’t solve much.
    c) For the above stand, he was slapped in the assembly and attacked.
    d) JP always stressed the importance of Federal structure. A centre cannot command a state to split. so, he preferred discussions.
    e) When the T situation has become worse, when all the development stopped, when the budget (around 1.8 lakh crores) was discussed for less than 5 min in the assembly, when the T issue has become more about political mileage then JP
    was extremely right in his last speech where he clearly supported Telangana.

    16) Why is this a contradiction? No confidence motion failure results in elections and it is a big head ache. It is better to do possible good.

    17) May be it could be alliance talks. But I heard a different reason that support of JP gives a more probability of having a Rajya sabha member from AP

    18) Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

    19) Bull! Nobody can take the credit of AAPs success in Delhi. JP was just reminding the timeline to all our forgetful audience. For example, Ask any guy in Mumbai, where he/she says that only AAP funds are transparent or AAP is the the first political party with clean agenda. That is naturally wrong. JP’s insistence was this:
    a ) LSP was the first party with that goals.
    b) LSP did lot of ground work and got the laws approved for political funding
    (Do you know that LSP as an NGO, worked with NDA to get this law done?)
    c) JP knows Arvind and Co since many years and JP says that Arvind was against politicians and political parties till recently and suddenly he started a party after IAC corruption movement. His point was that these people did not even have an idea of starting a party before IAC and considered politics untouchables.
    d) In contrast LSP has been saying that “The answer to bad politics is Good politics. Not bad Politics” “Rajakeeyam oka pavitra vyasangam”
    e) His point was thought Delhi has been the best place for the new politics at arrive. AAP capitalized that space and time. JP welcomed AAP’s ethics based policies but opposed their economic and political philosophy.

    20) Ah? What is the problem here? JP asking for donations? That is not a problem. Yes, frankly, I was even surprised to that JP will fight 294 seats. Anyway, that didnot happen. As I always say, based on the situation, a leader changes his stand.
    For example: Arvind Kejriwal never wanted to join politics. Now, he joined. It’s a great thing, no? sticking to the useless stand all the time is not worthy of a reformer or a leader

    21) It was correct for LSP to ask for an alliance in AAP. Then what happened?
    see here:

    22) This is wrong. JP intention was to align only with BJP. Since, TDP being a major party aligned with BJP (specifically Modi) through transitive property, LSP was in alliance with TDP.

    23) He published a document, 7 page document. Hope you must have read it and please counter the document where his arguments are wrong rather than complaining about it all the time. I prefer you use logic rather than emotional arugments.

    24) So? Alliances are the feature of this complex vibrant country of ours.

    25) Deal didn’t work out for whatever reasons. (The reason being, LSP is not really a threat to any political party in these polarised elections of AP)

    26) This is insulting to your intelligence to conclude that Refer this video clearly,
    LSP suffers from lack of charismatic leaders (probably being in AP, my personal conclusion). SO, JP invites everbody to join. It is our resposnsibillyt to join and make it a reachable party.

    27) This is a genuine problem I agree.

    28) Ah? This is wrong. His statement was he needed 5000 volunteers for April 30th elections. He never mentioned about his own consituency, right?

    29) Come on. When you accuse somebody, please comeup with an alternative solution. First of all, with the kind of political atmosphere, it was difficult for JP to even Malkajigiri seat (the largest and 30 lakh people). Why would he go to other places? It is just like the whole of AAP is concentrating only on Varanasi.

    30) ooh, tell me. What happened to them? As I said, JP needs SOLUTIONS.
    JP is really a supporter of NAMO. He might not win Malkajirigi but I want a person of his stature to be in Parliament (either through Rajya Sabha) and probably made minister.

    You know that Ambedhakar lost his Loksabha election? but was still made MP?

    31) Excuse me. Excuse me. 🙂 Out of all the things, you got TDP candidate to support you? Why so much hatred towards JP, man?

    32) Yes, that is called politics of maturity. JP always says, that good people are needed from whichever party they are from. His party supported LSP in Delhi. His party supported Nandan Nilekhani in Bangalore etc

    33) Yes. We need JP to be a minister. We don’t have great time ahead of the country when the smartest people with lot of acheivements, ground work and credibility does not become a minister. Put Nation first.

    34) Yes. In terms of laws and policies actually. Look here, for more details:

    35) I think has denied. Labelled Anurag as a fool and he was suspeneded
    36) This is bad on your part. For many things, there was a people movment accompanied also. RTI for example. MKSS in Rajasthan and Loksatta were prominent people in getting this act along with others. I personally believe the contribution of Arvind Kejriwal is much less compared to Aruna Roy or JP in framing RTI act. Ofcoiurse, AK roused peoples passion in doing some ground level movements. admirable. But I’m assessing overall contribution.

    For clean politics, there was movement in the early 2000s followed by several laws. People politics’ looks heroic, but it is not necessary to make everything as a people’s politics. Name one major law which Loksatta party got only through back end lobbying which REQUIRED people’s politics. Name one, please?

    37) The problem is your research ability. I’ll give you an example: When LSP took the credit for 2G licenses, I was shocked. I thought Subramanya Swamy was behind it. I researched it and found out the Public litigation papers which has Loksatta as major member. The one thing good I observed about LSP in my long and painful research is they don’t take undeserving credit. They have documentary proofs for all they have done.

    38) All most all of the above allegations are in accusatory tone. A good discussion is all about the following things:
    A) What went wrong with the LSP party:?
    B) In the given situations, what could have LSP done?
    c) Do I propose any improements so that they could rectify etc.

    I really LSP is the party we need. For us. For our children. For future generations. I do think we need to support it as far as we can.

    • atluris
      May 11, 2014

      Thanks for going through the list. I will respond to some of your questions.

  3. RV
    May 11, 2014

    sorry, I saw your other posts just now and you seem to have suggestions for improvement of LSP too. Why is that we cannot be in talks with Marketing department of LSP and discuss your points?

    • atluris
      May 11, 2014

      Ritheesh, I don’t think marketing is the problem

  4. SR
    May 12, 2014

    I feel this list is not coming from the bottom of SriHari Atluris heart. Loksatta is not JPs party. He always requested to come forward and lead it. Since you worked so close with LSP / PFL in the past you are seeing some negatives, glad that traditional parties doesn’t give you an option to work so closely or be a part of it.

    There are lot of differences in opinions between a husband and wife and do you expect a political party running just on donations and volunteers to run with no negative points. At the end of the day try to support candidates or parties who are trying to bring some change and giving opportunity for a common man to join politics. It’s all a learning experience and everyone makes mistakes. We need to move forward where there is HOPE..

  5. RV
    May 13, 2014

    The reason, I still LSP is the solution because I observed the immaturity and mess that AAP has created in Delhi. Look here for an amazing read:


    AtluriS: Waiting for your answers to my answers to your questions.

  6. RV
    May 13, 2014

    I still *think* LSP is better. (Please edit the above comment and delete this one. no?)

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