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These two words will save the planet, make us happier and healthier

These two words will save the planet, make us happier and healthier

This Environment Day two words not only can save the planet, but also make us happier, healthier and bring us a little closer, free from corruption, free from starvation, and many other social and political issues we face today…

Recycling is not good enough, as that also produces waste and consumes power. Renewable energy will not solve our problems as that also produces waste. Here are the two we need to do.

1. Reduce:

  • Reduce how much power/electricity we use. Open the windows during the night, switch on the fan, switch off the A/C.
  • Reduce how much we eat, how much we work, how much we stress, how much we see, how much we speak.
  • Reduce TV time, reduce movies, facebook time (especially for me)
  • Reduce how much we shop (shop-more save-more is a lie), reduce the size of our wardrobe, shoe rack, reduce how much we trash.
  • Reduce chemicals and GMOs in our food
  • Reduce the population growth (1 or 2 enough)

2. Share

  • Share your lunch, share you clothes, share your toys.
  • Buy at garage sales, craigslist, thrifty stores and consignment stores. Buy used cars.
  • Share your books, share your knowledge, share your code, share your apps.
  • Share your phone (No, that free phone isn’t really free)
  • Share your house with someone you may or may not know, even if you are renting a room.
  • Share your car or even better share a bus or train

They tell us if we don’t buy new things, then the market will crash. This is a big lie. We don’t need to worry about the market. The market has nothing to do with us.  We need to worry about food, shelter, clothes, our relatives, our friends, our neigjborhood. If we are sharing and reducing, then we don’t need so much money or material to begin with


One comment on “These two words will save the planet, make us happier and healthier

  1. Karthik Karuppannan
    June 6, 2014

    awesome, I share the same philosophy… consumerism is one of the biggest evils of today’s society.. people tend to buy things on an impulse, things that they don’t need and even not sure if they want..especially, here in USA..

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