A little personal and a little political

Just thinking out loud…

When we go to work, we know why we go to work. If the work itself doesn’t excite us, the salary or the possibilities of what else we can do with that salary may excite us. You know what to expect from your employer, and your employer knows what to expect from you. This is a straight forward transaction. There are no surprises there.
Working for something where we don’t get paid cash is a different ball game. Examples of such work are – Community service, Charity, Religious services, politics etc. Even working in this space can get us some non-cash type of benefits, like position or power in the society. But we need to understand these are not guaranteed (like our salary at work). There is a chance that you can work all day, or all year, and someone else will get what you wanted.
One thing I can tell you for certain… if you are already thinking about helping others, then you are a very valuable human being. These uncertain benefits are not worth compromising on your passion and your ideals. When you put your efforts in what you believe, then you will always be in a better situation than otherwise.
In other words, let go everything that you are not happy just for the opportunity. There are endless others waiting for you.

P.S: The T-shirt in the featured image has not much to do with this article, except that I am very passionate about NRI Samay.


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