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Problems of Smart People ;)

Long time ago there was a kingdom called Bhuddhi. Every person in that kingdom was a smart person. They all had one problem, boredom. Because they were so smart, nothing would excite them. Then there were two others in that kingdom who were extra smart, they had a little different problem. All of them performed prayers so their problems go away.

Jesus appeared in front of the first extra smart man, Asaduddin Swamy, and granted him a wish. He said, I am smarter than everyone else, but no one seems to care for what I say. Then Jesus told him, from tomorrow start saying something stupid, and people would listen to you. He disappears. Jesus goes to the crowd, and grants them a wish. They all say they need some excitement in life. He asks them to listen to Asaduddin, and see if that solves their problem.

Next day Asaduddin says something extremely stupid. The smart people started to go crazy and start discussing about the stupid stuff. But Jesus observed something. Only half the population seem to be interested in the stupid stuff Asaduddin is saying. Jesus smiles and decides to wait

After few days, the next extra smart person Subramanian Owaisi starts prayer for Allah. Allah appears in front of him and grants him a wish. His wish was similar to that of Asaduddin, and Allah responds in the similar way. Subramanian starts saying stupid stuff from the next day. Miraculously, the remaining half of the smart people started getting excited.

Narada watching the entire drama unfold had a doubt. He goes to Vishnu and asks him, Maha prabhu, what if the smart people, being so smart, realize that Owaisi and Swamy are saying stupid stuff just for the popularity? Vishnu smiles and responds, what if the smart people realize all of us are just made up?


One comment on “Problems of Smart People ;)

  1. CoolGuy
    February 8, 2015

    Lo! The kingdom has been renamed as : BhrashtaBuddhi. Now, all it’s praja is oversmart, Narayan Narayan.

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