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Top reasons why people believe God

During my soul searching activity, I looked into myself to understand why people believe in God. After talking to several people, inside my soul (yes, I am turning in to a baba soon), my understanding is that, most people who has reasonable intelligence do not believe in God, the way God is portrayed. They don’t believe someone literally build this earth, they don’t believe someone is always watching from above, they don’t believe there is literally a place called heaven and hell, and so on.

Then why do people “believe” in God? For the context, let’s leave out the people who really really believe in God as explained above. Based on the people I talked to (during my soul searching), below are the survey results.

Start the drum roll….

Number 10: I get scared in the night if I don’t wear a taweez.

Number 9: My business runs based on me believing in God (My business is to show God in a milk bowl)

Number 8: I like sweets and celebrations during the religious festivals. If I don’t believe in God, I may be asked to leave the celebrations

Number 7. It is a routine. I wouldn’t know what to do if I don’t go to a church on the Sundays

Number 6: I don’t want people saying “what’s wrong with you”. I rather pretend that I believe God, and be social. I get to go to religious parties with my friends

Number 5. Just in case, what if there is really a God, and he sends me to hell for not believing in him?

Number 4. If I don’t believe in God, my children will not believe in God. I must pass on the tradition to my kids

Number 3: My life is way too important for me to just die. This can’t end like this, so there must be something else

Number 2: I don’t understand science, so I chose to believe God.

And the NUMBER 1 reason people believe in God is….

Number 1: If I don’t believe in my god, my religion will be wiped out by the other religion, and the other religious will force all the crazy stuff on me.

To explain the #1 a little bit, people are ok to leave their God as long as same proportionate number of people (preferably more) also leave their God (they should do a God promise that they are really leaving their God).

I am sure there are other reasons too. Please post them below if you know of any such.


4 comments on “Top reasons why people believe God

  1. unix2me
    March 4, 2015

    I think “GOD” is a name/ face people give to their faith. Whether people believe in God or not; each of us have this “faith” element. It depends if you want to give it a name of “God” or not. After all it is just a kind of energy that keeps us going. That’s why few people do say they find their God in their work, passion etc.

    • atluris
      March 4, 2015

      I agree with you. But that’s not how most of us are introduced to the concept of God concept, and that’s not how we introduce God to our children.

  2. gksraja
    May 7, 2016

    Dear Atluri! First of all, you should have given in your Telugu blog, if you have one. All the ten reasons are really very common cause to believe GOD. Most of the so called believers does it due to fear not faith and expecting more than their capability is another reason. Very good topic. You can find more reasons other these 10. Nice article. My blog gksraja.blogspot.in — if possible see the article NAMMAKALU.
    G K S Raja.

    • atluris
      May 10, 2016

      Thanks andi. I will look into it

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