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In the political space my role is a self-certified journalist for NRI Samay Radio. I like to call myself Radio-Active. I am not here to promote any party or individual. But if I like something (or if I don’t like something), I simply say it. For example when I am critical about an incident related to a political party, it has nothing to do with my view of the party as a whole. I am just responding to the incident.

I have great respect for politicians. They get into the dirt which people like me are scared of. Whether it is good or bad, they play a significant role in our society. They have a tougher job than I have. I believe “most” politicians have good intentions. They joined politics because they want to help people/country. But most politicians also do some dubious stuff. In their view they must do certain things for the greater good. I may not be a politician, but I take pride in calling foul a foul. So when I am critical of a politician, it is related to particular incident, not to judge the politician him/herself.

I tried hard to figure out, and I learnt that I don’t fit into either leftist or rightist ideologies. But I am not even a centrist. Some of my opinions fall into right side of the spectrum, and some on the left side. Then I gave up trying to figure out, as I got no one to impress with any of these tags. I believe these tags are dangerous, because these are creating filters to our humanity.

Apart from certain apolitical campaigns I run, I don’t respond to every positive or negative thing I see. I generally respond things which surprise me, or which change my opinion about an individual/org etc. For example, if I am more critical of incidents related to AAP, it is only because of the new stuff that is coming out on a regular basis. It has nothing to do with how they compare with other parties, or what I think of the party as a whole. I have been critical of AAP even when they were riding high before all the mess started.

Some times my posts are scarcastic, and other times they are not. The problem is, I don’t attempt to make the distinction obvious, except for an occasional wink. In fact if you showed my post after a month, and ask me to tell if it is a scarcastic post or a straight one, I probably would get it wrong. This is not an attempt to confuse any (may be a little), but I think this helps me, in a way, to avoid being predictable.


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