A little personal and a little political

Globalization and this thing has f**ked us all

Globalization was the big thing. It was supposed to solve all our problems. The overall starvation may have gone down, but we are all addicted to the drugs.

We don’t know where our food is coming from. TV ad shows it is coming from behind the shelves of the supermarket. They show farmers who are super happy. Then why so many farmers committing suicide? The meat is cut, packed and arranged nicely. We know what animal it is (sometimes), we don’t know where it grew up, what it ate, whether it was caged all it’s life. We don’t know where our clothes are coming from. Yes, the tag says Bangladesh, but who is making them? How many hours are they working? Would we make friends with them? All we need to know is that there is a sale this weekend. Then there is a coupon on top of it, and we get rewards for buying.

We buy shit to avoid depression. If we don’t buy, we get nervous of missing a great sale. Then we need to make room at home to buy more shit. Then we throw shit we bought last month (or return, and let the store guy throw them). We don’t know where our trash goes. We don’t give a shit where our shit goes. We don’t know because we don’t care. That’s what we see on the TV all the time. It is cool to not care. Look at the Pepsi ad, or Dockers ad, look at the American Idol or anything else. They don’t give a shit, at least not the cool looking people. The cell phones are the most amazing thing the history of earth has ever seen, something we never imagined until recently, and they are right in our palms. But in an year they become shit, we throw them in the trash and we need an “advance” phone. If we don’t get it, we are sad.

PAY-Black-FridayTV has royally fucked us all. Because we see it on TV we want it. When we get it we are happy until we see the next thing we want. When we don’t get it we are sad, and we make sure to make everyone around us sad. We watch “news” on TV. The news is something that happens elsewhere, not in your neighborhood. The news is about the movie stars, the politicians, and the rich. They talk about who said what, and then they show baby bumps, the heroines exercising, prostituting etc. Someone in Delhi got raped, and we must talk about it for months, while the girl maid in your house is working her ass off to clean your shit. I am sure you give your used clothes and expect her to smile from the bottom of her heart.

Enough of my rant, what we need is de-globalization. We need local resources, local economy, local governments. We should be able to see who is making the shit we consume, and where our shit is going. We need to know if someone is deprived in our neighborhood. If the farmers who are making our food are struggling right in front of us, would we not pay a couple of more bucks to them? Would we need the middlemen (and middlewomen)? The more globalization, the more middlemen, then more they fuck the real creators, the creators of our food, our cell phones, our clothes etc. For once let’s fuck the globalization back.


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