A little personal and a little political


Woke up at 5 AM, got ready and went to friend’s place. We waited for another one to join us, and started driving. I was a little nervous, as I haven’t faced this situation. Two days before I got a call saying that Jothsna, a mother of 6 years old was fighting for her life in the hospital. Since then she passed away. Telugu organizations, LATA and TANA came forward to support the family.

It was one and half hour drive. We reached the house. The husband’s cousin opened the door. They were expecting us. Jothsna’s mom and dad were in the living room. They didn’t say anything. We went to the bedroom where husband and a couple of his friends were there. On my way I saw the little girl, she was sleeping on the floor in a different bedroom. There wasn’t much furniture in the house. Suitcases were still in the bedroom. The husband explained…

They came to US very recently. Jothsna was 5 month pregnant. She was complaining about severe back pain. Her parents also came to US to help her. They went to the hospital and soon found that the fetus had to be aborted. The husband told us that he actually felt happy that his wife doesn’t have to bear excruciating pain anymore. Jothsna was supposed to be discharged.

Then the doctor came back, he broke the terrible news. Jothsna has cancer, and it is in the last stages. The husband told us that the doctor was very senseless, and that the doctor wondered how was she even still alive. The husband was hopeful, but the situation deteriorated very rapidly, and Jothsna went into coma, and never came back.

I don’t know how to console, and I didn’t try. We were leaving, and then her parents broke-down completely. Her mom couldn’t stop herself, still she explained how brave their daughter was, and that Jothsna was the leader in the family, taking care of everyone.

Talking to the husband, who broke down few times while we were there, and also trying to deal with the logistics, it was heartbreaking. Seeing that little girl on the floor was heartbreaking. Seeing Jothsna’s parents break down was heartbreaking.

I am writing this because we take things for granted. We always think these things never happen to us. But how a family thought they were welcoming a new baby, their life turned upside down in just two weeks. All the little things we worry about, my perspective changed a little.


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