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What can liberals learn from conservatives after Trump victory

In the beginning of this election season, I asked my neighbor who he was going to support, he said Marco Rubio. I asked him why, he said he can get Latino voters, and win against Hillary. Couple of months later he said, I like Carly Fiorina. I asked him why, he asked she looks tough and she can beat Hillary. Closer to the end of the campaign he switched to Ted Cruz. He though he can beat Hillary. Finally he switched to Trump.
He is the same guy who voted for McCain (Trump called McCain can’t be war hero, because he was captured by the enemy), he is the same guy who voted for Romney (Romney was the lead in opposing Trump), same guy who supported Ted Cruz (Trump suggested Cruz wife is ugly, and his father was an assassin), same guy who supported Fiorina (Trump attacked Fiorina looks). His feelings were not hurt. He knows what’s on the line, and he showed up on the election day.
During primaries, my colleague who is a staunch Conservative Christian Republican said that Trump is the Satan, as he came to steal the souls of us. He said this day was described in the Bible. He said Trump was a mole put in by the Dems. He supported Ted Cruz at that time. Towards close to the elections, he said Hillary is the Satan, and switched his support to Trump. He showed up on the election day.
Conservatives compromise, and show up for their candidate. This is what liberals can learn from conservatives. You can pick anyone you want, or just sit at home, but you need to understand what is on the line. On the election day there are only two options (at least for now), and one of them are going win. Not showing up on election day because of false equivalency, getting your feelings hurt will result in a Republican president, who will threaten the things you fought for.
The other thing that needs to happen is, the top Dem needs to step down, and give way to the new blood. They are busy making deals, than listening to the people.

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